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25 ways to be productively unproductive as a student

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NOVEMBER 09, 2018

College students are notorious for their tendency to procrastinate — from putting off studying, writing papers or finishing labs, it’s pretty easy to wait until tomorrow to do what we don’t feel like doing today. But if you’re like most other students, there’s probably some level of guilt that accompanies procrastination, knowing that you’d be better off if you just started whatever it is you need to do. The Clog is here to relieve some of that guilt and help you be the best procrastinator you can be, with a list of some things you can do to put off the real work ahead of you and yet, still feel accomplished.

  1. Reorganize your closet
  2. Update your resume
  3. If you have nothing to add to your resume, experiment with new fonts
  4. Add your name to petitions about causes you care about on Change.org
  5. Go for a long walk — your health matters too!
  6. Clean out your backpack
  7. Do your laundry
  8. Apply to some random scholarships
  9. Pay your credit card bills
  10. Go grocery shopping
  11. Cook a healthy meal with the groceries you bought
  12. Clean the dishes from your healthy meal
  13. Organize your email inbox
  14. Take the garbage out from your room — and your roommate’s room, if you’re feeling generous
  15. Start a bullet journal to organize your life
  16. Create a budget to keep track of your monthly expenses
  17. Start looking online for holiday gifts
  18. Go through your room and find things you can donate to Goodwill
  19. Read or watch the news — staying informed about the real world is as important as school!
  20. Throw out old receipts from your wallet
  21. Get a haircut
  22. Donate blood (if you’re able to)
  23. Wash your sheets
  24. Make a comprehensive study plan (for when you eventually decide to start)
  25. Read the Daily Clog — whether you’re looking for actual advice or just some entertainment, it’s definitely a good use of time

If you manage to get all of these things done, it’s probably time to start studying!

Contact Hannah Nguyen at [email protected].

NOVEMBER 09, 2018