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Berkeley stores to visit for every type of purchase

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NOVEMBER 05, 2018

The city of Berkeley may not strike you as one of the fashion capitals of the world, but the array of unique and trendy stores within close proximity to campus will surely have you surprised. Next time you find yourself in need of a pair of sporty, new kicks or an outfit for an upcoming party, check out this list to make the fashion statement you seek.


Urban Outfitters

This popular fast-fashion retailer offers all types of garments, accessories and even home decor to help spice up your dorm room, and the store is located conveniently on Bancroft Way. With its vast selection, the possibilities of looks to create are endless. Whether you’re in need of a casual campus look or a party outfit that’ll dazzle in the night, you’re guaranteed to be covered.


Bows and Arrows

Check out Berkeley’s very own curated sneaker shop for some of the latest and greatest sneakers in the game. Regardless of whether you’re a huge sneaker head or just dabble in some shoe purchases here and there, there’s a good selection of brands and models for everyone to enjoy. You’ll have half your discussion section wanting to walk a mile in your shoes when you impress them with your new Nikes.



Finding that your pens have run out of ink or you’ve used up the last of your notebook paper can be tragic for college students. The solution? Take a trip to Daiso on your way to campus for all of the stationery you could possibly ask for at insanely cheap prices. Daiso makes replenishing all of your school supplies hassle-free, so you can carry on with your cram sessions and all-nighters with the bare minimum.


Amoeba Music

No, we aren’t referring to the eukaryotic organisms, but instead the world’s largest independent record store, which has a location right here in Berkeley. Amoeba Music has an extensive vinyl selection to explore, but if you aren’t the proud owner of a record player, there’s also tons of cool merch, CDs and posters adorning the interior.


Party Heaven

Although Halloween may have just concluded, you’ll never know when you need to dress up for some themed event in the near future. While brainstorming a costume may prove time-consuming, Party Heaven takes out the burden of traveling far distances to find the perfect suit. Looking for something silly, scary, or maybe an outfit that’s a little more “basic” (no judgement here) you’ll find all that you’re looking for and more once you step one foot inside the eccentric shop.

For some, the word “shopping” resonates with fear and panic; for others, it’s quite possibly one of the greatest gifts. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, the Berkeley shopping scene offers a fun-filled, hassle-free time for students on the go.

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NOVEMBER 05, 2018