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All the times that bad AirBears2 Wi-Fi has created awkward situations

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NOVEMBER 01, 2018

We live in an age when practically everything is online. That being said, sometimes we find ourselves relying on AirBears2 a little too much. Here are some ways in which Wi-Fi has proven itself to be more of a social curse than a blessing.

Waiting for a meme to load to show someone you just met for the first time

This is especially awkward when you don’t know this person that well. For all you know, they don’t really like memes at all and just don’t want to hurt your feelings. You’ve been hyping up this particular meme for a good five minutes now, and everyone in the room wants you to shut up about it. So, you decide to risk it all and show everyone. While you stand there grinning at your phone, you find yourself not being able to get on the internet. “Wait. Wait.” Everyone is staring at you, and you decide you have to go to bathroom real quick.

Trying to log into Google Drive to look at notes for a presentation in the middle of said presentation

This presentation is worth 30 percent of your grade, and everyone knows it because the last few people who presented were dressed as if they were going to meet the chancellor. You knew you should’ve memorized your notes like everyone else, but the professor said you could use your phone. Yet, what the professor did not guarantee was that the Wi-Fi would work and you wouldn’t have to worry about technology failing you again.

When your friend sends you a video in class, and you have to pretend you saw it even though you couldn’t get it to load

You and your friend are tight, so naturally, instead of paying attention to lecture, you like to send each other funny Vines. Unfortunately, this time, you can’t load the darn five-second video. You look at the blurry thumbnail and try to piece together the scenario. You suddenly feel your friend looking back at you with a smile. He waits for your approval. You can’t communicate your dire situation when the professor is looking, so you decide to let out a pitiful, choking laugh instead. You’ve noticed that it’s getting harder to fake laugh, and your friend’s face tells you the same.

When you get out of Dwinelle and your Wi-Fi gets jacked up, so you can’t listen to music until you pass Doe

This is the worst. Things only get more awkward when you have your headphones ready and in your ears right after you go down the main stairs of Dwinelle. You scroll to your Spotify playlist. But when you realize that no music is playing for a good minute, you start wishing you had Spotify Premium. Now you have to walk like a fool to your next class pretending to be contented by your favorite tunes when all you can really hear is the girl behind you complaining about her professor’s messy handwriting.

When everyone gets an update for a club meeting being canceled but you didn’t because your Wi-Fi is slow and your inbox hasn’t updated for an hour

This is a particularly annoying situation, especially when your meetings are all the way on the other side of campus in Barrows. You’ve been wondering since your last class why you haven’t gotten any new emails, but you figured it’s because today isn’t particularly busy or newsworthy. Little did you know, however, that there were 20 emails backlogged somewhere, out of your sight. As soon as you reach Barrows, the Wi-Fi magically comes back, and you finally see the notification: “Meeting Cancelled.” The meeting was supposed to be a potluck, too, so you carried those two liters of Sprite from Etcheverry for no reason.

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NOVEMBER 01, 2018