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The spookiest, non-Halloween things we've all experienced at UC Berkeley

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OCTOBER 31, 2018

Ghouls and goblins, spiders and webs, Halloween is the season of all things spooky. But, we at The Daily Californian got to thinking and wondered if all the crazy things we face on a daily basis at UC Berkeley may just beat out all the scary clowns out there.

The good ol’ days at Croads

Whoops, did we say “good,” because we definitely meant to say spooky. OK, maybe we’re being a little bit dramatic (in the spirit of Halloween, of course) because thinking back, we did visit that dessert bar once or twice. But overall, our eating habits have most definitely glowed up over the years and hopefully, we did too.

Phase I class scheduling

Class scheduling is like a haunted house. You’re excited, you’re nervous, but most of all, you just never know when the next “waitlist position No. 23” is going to jump out and surprise you. Happy Phase I, Bears!

Walking home from Moffitt alone in the middle of the night

First, we here at the Clog feel obliged to say that you should indeed not be doing this in the first place. Ring Bear Walk’s line. Hypothetically speaking though, if you’ve ever found yourself in this situation, the walk, or more accurately, the sprint, holding your backpack straps to steady you, can be downright spooky. And if nothing else, it will leave you winded.

Having a final on the Friday night before break

Potentially the spookiest of all, seeing your final time on bCourses for the Friday night before break can cause the steadiest of all hearts out there to drop.

Forgetting a blue book for a final

Speaking of finals, for your sake, we really hope you’ve not experienced this travesty, but if you have, you know the gut-wrenching feeling. It leaves your palms clammy and your spirit downright spooked. Hopefully, though, a friendly ghost (Casper, anyone?) will come in to save the day.

Losing your earbuds

This one is honestly more tragic than spooky. Although, the spooky part is walking around campus without your earphones, seeing the world as if for the first time. Although eye-opening, you can confidently say you never want to be without your earbuds again, kind of like watching a Halloween horror movie.

Losing a file on your computer or (Oski forbid!) your whole computer

Our sincerest apologies if this has happened to you during your tenure at this fine campus. Not only did it give you a good scare, but also, unlike turning into a vampire, those documents won’t be coming back to life any time soon. R.I.P.

Almost getting run over by motorized skateboards on the daily

There’s really no thrill as exhilarating as seeing your studious little life flash before your eyes as the motorized skateboard powers toward you at the speed of light. Terrifying? Most definitely. But also, the adrenaline as the skateboarder zooms 2 inches to the side of you, we admit, really gets your blood pumping and wakes you up for class.

Walking into a packed class late and trying to find a seat

If we stayed calm, it probably wouldn’t be as bad, but that’s not in the cards for us today. So now we’re nervously scanning the room for a hidden gem of an open seat, making awkward eye contact with dozens of people. Once we find one, the real spooky journey of bumbling past seated people trying not to knock their laptops off while staying on our two feet begins. We would say we’ve been on time ever since, but that would be a lie.

Walking into GBC to see that the Yerba Mate shelf is empty

If that shelf is empty, so is your heart. Nothing like a lack of caffeine to make your hair stand up on its ends and send shivers down your spine. Are we right, or are we right?

Happy Halloween, Golden Bears. We hope your day is as spooky and Bezerkeley as ever!

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OCTOBER 31, 2018