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Last-minute DIY Shrek costume for all of our all-stars out there

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OCTOBER 31, 2018

Every Halloween season we see two types of students: the ones who have been planning their costumes for months now and the ones who couldn’t care less and just want to get through this rough midterm season. Now that it’s actually Halloween, festivities are still happening and midterms are nearly over, and you may want to treat yourself and actually get into the spirit. But with the total wipeout of Party Heaven and no other good Halloween stores around, you might be losing hope. No worries! The Clog is here to help you become one of the most powerful characters to ever bless the big screen: Shrek! And the most iconic part of this ogre is, of course, his ears!

What you need:



Felt — preferably green but any color works! (Can be bought at Daiso!)



First, take your felt and cut out two even shapes. For those of you who are still stuck in #midtermszn, the shape you’re going for is similar to a normal distribution graph with a rectangle connected below it.

Cut out four small circles (no need to be neat, you can cut off any excess later!).


Then, take one of the normal distribution cutouts and fold it into itself to create a shape that’s skinny at the bottom and flares up at the top — similar to Shrek’s ogre ears. When you get the shape you want, superglue the flaps in place.

Repeat the previous step with the other normal distribution cutout. TIP: To create a better Shrek ear form, gently pull the top of the ears and flare them out more!


Take one of the small circles and superglue it to the bottom of each of your Shrek ears, and let them dry for a few minutes!


Take your ears and place them wherever you desire on your headband. To keep these ears in place, use the other set of circles to superglue on the other side of the headband — kind of like you’re sandwiching the headband in between the two circles. Repeat this step with the other Shrek ear.


Let the ears dry for at least an hour because superglue is very sticky and hard to get off — you definitely don’t want that in your hair!

Finally, pair your ears with a green shirt and some black jeans or khakis. To add some pizzazz, put a splash of green eyeshadow on. Make it Shrek, but make it fashion too!


“Hey now, you’re an all-star, get your game on, go play!” You’re now ready for Halloween, and this project really doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to construct and complete. Shrek is love; Shrek is life. Happy Halloween, y’all!

Contact Joyce Cam at [email protected].

OCTOBER 31, 2018