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Easy, UC Berkeley-related costumes you can wear on Halloween

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OCTOBER 31, 2018

Boo! Scared yet? If you’re not, imagine this scenario: It’s Halloween night, your friend’s raging Halloween party starts in one hour and you still don’t have a costume. Spooky! Halloween is supposed to be a fun time to dress up and celebrate, but finding the perfect costume can be stressful when you’re short on time and cash. Luckily, the Clog has some fun, easy costumes that are perfect for UC Berkeley students in a pinch.

The Campanile

Stone-colored clothes and a pointy hat will instantly transform you into the iconic UC Berkeley landmark. The most important element, however, is the props. To really pull this one off, you must carry around a speaker with you that blasts a recording of the carillon bells playing “Fight for California.”

Nathan Adrian (or any other Cal Olympian swimmer)

All you’ll need for this one is a Speedo and some fake gold medals. The only problem is that Cal has produced so many Olympic swimmers, people might not know which one you are.


Find a yellow cardigan, blue sweatpants and white gloves, and have an artistic friend draw terrifyingly large eyes on you with makeup. Everyone will instantly be able to identify you as our loved (or feared?) mascot.

A Berkeley squirrel

Throw on some dark gray sweats, fashion a tail out of whatever fuzzy material you might have lying around, and you’ve got yourself the basics of a squirrel costume. The key to this costume is the behavioral aspect — even if your costume isn’t very revealing, if you run around clawing at people’s feet and snatching people’s food, there will be no mistake about what kind of furry friend you’re imitating.

A protester

The beauty of this costume lies both in its ease and its flexibility. You can wear normal street clothes, but to make it a costume, just throw together a sign raging against an issue of your choice. Halloween is a great, fun holiday, but who said it can’t also be a platform for political discussion?

Nicholas Dirks

A white button-down shirt, some fake glasses, and a drawn-on mustache and unibrow are all it takes to recreate a realistic version of our former chancellor. If she doesn’t recognize your Daddy Dirks costume, she’s too young for you.

A stressed-out student in the middle of midterm season

Whatever you’ve got on will do just fine for this look.

No matter how elaborate or simple your costume is, just remember the most important part is your attitude — however you decide to dress up, own it! Have a fun, safe Halloween!

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OCTOBER 31, 2018