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Tips and tricks to becoming the most efficient Sprouler at UC Berkeley

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OCTOBER 26, 2018

The Clog has given you tips on how to get flyered on Sproul and how to avoid the flyers altogether. We’ve always given the pedestrians of Sproul the upper hand. But what about the Sproulers? What about those poor students who are “highly encouraged” to spend at least three hours a semester embarrassing themselves on Sproul? We at the Clog want to create a level playing field for all of those who roam Sproul Plaza. Here is an extensive guide to being a successful Sprouler.

Pick ideal targets

Try to avoid people who are sprinting to class or have headphones in with their heads down. Odds are that they really don’t want to be flyered, and you don’t want to be that asshole who ruins their first steps onto an already depressing campus. The targets you want are the ones in large groups and literally strolling through campus. These people actually want to be on your radar as it gives them a sense of self-worth that you chose to approach them to join your consulting club.

Perfect the quick handoff

People don’t have time to wait for you to stop fumbling your papers to give them a flyer. The key to being the best Sprouler around is to have the perfect handoff that limits the time of interaction. A quick little spiel accompanied by the handoff will maximize your utility of flyering on Sproul. Pro-tip: Fan out your flyers so they don’t get stuck together!

Never, ever follow your targets

If you get rejected, then game over! It’s time to move onto your next prey instead of wasting time chasing what could’ve been. Following someone to class only takes time away from someone else you can be flyering. Just think about it — you spend about two minutes walking someone to Dwinelle Hall and end up missing at least five potential pedestrians. Why only give away one flyer when you can give out five and lessen your load?

Wear comfy shoes and walk around

Staying in one spot on Sproul won’t help your cause. Put on some sneakers and take a few laps up and down Sproul. Not only is this good for your health, but you’ll also be sure to maximize the number of times you see the same people on Sproul. The guilt of not taking your flyer the first time could be the exact reason why they decide to take it the second time.

Never begin your approach with, “Want to join Greek life?,” “Have you heard of consulting?” or “Do you like trivia?” 

UC Berkeley students have probably heard these phrases more than “Go Bears!” or “We’re the No. 1 public university in the world.” Sometimes asking how we’re doing would suffice and give you a few brownie points that can lead to you getting your flyer taken. Remember, we’re human beings too.

Yeah, you read right! It only takes a few tips and tricks to become the best Sproulers UC Berkeley has ever seen. If you’re tired of your flyers being ignored, just remember to treat pedestrians of Sproul like they’re human beings and not just walking recycling bins for you to dump your flyers on.

Contact Joyce Cam at [email protected].

OCTOBER 26, 2018