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Reasons why you may have missed your Phase I registration

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OCTOBER 25, 2018

If it makes y’all feel better, some of us at the Clog are waitlisted in more classes than we’d like to admit. Some of us very well may blame it on missing our Phase I. To make ourselves feel a little better, here’s a list of reasons why you may have missed your Phase I registration time (and have suffered because of it).

  • You were busy catching those Z’s, and your alarm didn’t go off.
  • You set your “Phase I” alarm to a.m. instead of p.m.
  • You were too busy studying for a midterm in attempt to at least just get through this semester.
  • AirBears randomly failed on you right when you logged in to CalCentral.
  • You told your friend to remind you, but they already finished their Phase I, so they forgot to remind you of yours.
  • You don’t even have any classes in your shopping cart, because you’re going to graduate this semester, anyway.
  • Karma is getting you back for snitching on your roommate for that one time they accidentally broke the window.
  • You accidentally kept clicking on the wrong semester and didn’t realize in time.
  • For some reason, you were doing your Phase I near KiwiBots, and you accidentally tripped on one, which caused you to spend time whimpering in pain rather than enrolling.
  • You wanted to make sure you got tickets to that SZA concert, and so you had to decide between that and your classes.
  • You are a Regents’ Scholar or athlete, so it wouldn’t matter if you took a quick power nap during your Phase I — you’re the first students to be able to enroll.
  • It wasn’t already on your mind, but once you were dragged into a very boring conversation, you forced yourself to think of all the possible things you may have forgotten to do. Then, suddenly, the thought of classes made you remember. Unfortunately, your Phase I was three days ago.
  • Just because you could.
  • Just because you could AND because you didn’t want to feel so left out when everyone else talked about their own Phase I horror stories.
  • You were on RateMyProfessors and recently found out that there was no way you were going to come out of a class for a graduation requirement in one piece next semester. So, you spent a good 15 minutes deciding on how you want to take the L.
  • You took some extra time to think about if you really wanted to continue with another semester.
  • You intentionally erased it from your working memory.
  • Your dog ate your laptop.
  • You ate too many Flamin’ Hot Cheetos out of stress and physically couldn’t move your body enough to enroll in classes.
  • There was a fire alarm that went off in your building and you couldn’t Phase I on your phone because it died shortly before.

There you have it. A few of the ways a UC Berkeley student could’ve missed their Phase I time slot. The next step is to get off the waitlist!

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OCTOBER 25, 2018