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Quiz: Which Cal Band song best represents you?

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OCTOBER 12, 2018

One of the best parts of attending UC Berkeley’s football games is watching the University of California Marching Band perform, whether it’s forming the Cal script before the game or rocking out during a catchy halftime show. Want to learn more about Cal Band’s repertoire? Take the Clog’s quiz to find out which Cal Band song best represents you.


  1. What are you doing before the game on Game Day?
    1. Tailgating with some friends and family
    2. Getting drunk at a frat
    3. Chilling in bed
    4. Studying in the library
  2. Where are you during the game?
    1. Memorial Stadium, obviously!
    2. Still tailgating somewhere
    3. People-watching all the drunk fans on Durant Avenue
    4. Watching the game at home while studying
  3. What’s your favorite UC Berkeley thing to brag about?
    1. “The Play”! The most amazing! Sensational! Dramatic! Heart-rending!
    2. How hard people party on Game Day
    3. The Free Speech Movement
    4. How many Nobel Laureates we have
  4. What kind of music do you like to listen to?
    1. Classic rock
    2. Hip-hop or R&B
    3. Pop bops only!
    4. Classical
  5. What’s your favorite building on campus?
    1. Wheeler Hall
    2. Haas School of Business
    3. Moffitt Library
    4. Doe Library
  6. Which area in Berkeley best represents you?
    1. The UC Berkeley campus
    2. Southside, where all my friends live
    3. Downtown, where the good food and bars are
    4. Northside, where it’s nice and quiet
  7. Who’s your favorite UC Berkeley alumnus?
    1. Aaron Rodgers
    2. Chris Pine
    3. Alice Waters
    4. Steve Wozniak
  8. Quick, pick a word!
    1. Victory
    2. Glorious
    3. Bear
    4. Golden
    1. Fight for California — You’re a die-hard Cal fan, and you’re not afraid who knows it! You’ll be showing up to Memorial Stadium long after you graduate, because you’re “for California, through and through!”
    2. California Drinking Song — “Drink to California ‘till we wobble in our shoes!” You celebrate the spirit of California with a good party and round of drinks.
    3. Stanford Jonah — Even if you don’t express your Cal spirit all the time, deep down you still feel the loyalty to the blue and gold and would “drop our battle-axe on Stanford’s head.”
    4. All Hail, Blue and Gold — Your devotion to the spirit of California goes beyond sports. You respect the many accomplishments and accolades of UC Berkeley’s “loyal Californians, whose hearts are strong and bold.”


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OCTOBER 12, 2018