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That's so sketch: The Clog's favorite 'SNL' sketches

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SEPTEMBER 27, 2018

Have no fear, late-night birds and comedy enthusiasts, “Saturday Night Live” is back (if you couldn’t figure it out) this Saturday night! And for everyone too lazy to stay up, your lazy Sunday morning is looking a lot brighter. First off, for those who have never seen an “SNL” sketch, the show has been around for 40 years, and each episode features a celebrity host, hilarious sketches featuring political commentary, ridiculous songs, completely random skits, the Weekend Update news segment and much more.

We at the Clog know that life at UC Berkeley can get pretty serious, so we took it upon ourselves to compile a list of “SNL” sketches to bring some laughs into your dark world of midterms. We consulted UC Berkeley’s resident “SNL” expert, professor A. Right, to carefully craft a list of sketches specifically tailored to the humor of the current student body. So put down your books, cap those pens and come fall down the dark hole of “SNL” videos with us.

“Levi’s Wokes”

Ah, finally a pair of pants we can get behind. Or onto our legs? Also, we know this video is fake, but we’ve definitely seen some co-op kids running around in these pants before.

“The Californians: Stuart Has Cancer”

SoCal, and especially LA, kids understand this one too well. We got onto the 405 North, got off at Wilshire for some Coffee Bean, got back on and took this to the 5, then switched over to the 580 and got off on Martin Luther King Jr. Way to get here, dudes.

“Lazy Sunday”

“IT’S THE CHRONIC-WHAT-CLES OF NARNIA” – sorry, it’s stuck in our heads. This Lonely Island classic proves that Berkeley truly does produce some of the coolest people ever. In the most random and absurd way possible, Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell captured the essence of most of our Sundays, and we love it.

“Diner Lobster”

We have no words for this one — just watch. The video speaks for itself. It’s honestly better than any Broadway show you’ll ever see.

“Come Back, Barack”

Most political conversations among friends with similarly left-leaning political views usually end up a little something like this. Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd are hilarious as ever, and Chance the Rapper comes back strong after his “Jingle Barack” from the year before.


This one’s for all our graphic designers reading this article. This is probably your favorite “SNL” video of all time. Watching Ryan Gosling spiral into madness over the Papyrus font is absolutely ridiculous, but what makes it so funny is the fact that it’s actually super understandable. Like, what the hell is the Papyrus font, anyway? We seriously haven’t used it since we made our first PowerPoint presentation on the Egyptian pyramids back in fifth grade.

“Awkward Flirts”

Anyone ever experience that awkward moment where you were doing your laundry at the same time as a cute kid in your building, and had to quickly stuff your more private clothing items in the machine while simultaneously trying to flirt at the same time? Yes? Well, this one’s for you.

“Mom Jeans”

Is this an “SNL” sketch or a video of some girls on campus? We honestly can’t tell. No hate on the mom jeans though — it’s pretty much a requirement for every Clog writer to own at least five pairs.

“A Thanksgiving Miracle”

We like to think of ourselves as reasonable people and not as socialist as all our relatives take us to be, but sometimes going home for Thanksgiving to our insensitive and slightly problematic relatives is too much. But this skit proves that we can solve our differences through the power of Adele. Maybe this Thanksgiving, we’ll try playing some Adele to calm ourselves down any time someone makes a snide remark about us turning into a UC Berkeley hippie.

“A Girl’s Halloween”

OK ladies, this one’s for you. This comedic and extremely theatrical interpretation of a night out is literally a documentary of every night out we’ve ever had. First you get ready and decide that you’re not going to go crazy tonight. Three hours later, you’re stumbling into Taco Bell and eating a Crunchwrap Supreme, even though you gave up red meat and your eyeliner is making you look like a raccoon. Oh, and you’ve also left your ex multiple voicemails and texts, despite your friends’ advice. But hey, that’s the college experience, right?

“More Cowbell”


To close out, we’ll end with one of the most iconic “SNL” sketches, “More Cowbell.” Will Ferrell is fantastic, and becomes the ultimate meme before memes were even a thing. This sketch is a reminder of why “SNL” is so great. The show can literally make anything, even the dumbest thing, brilliantly funny.

Living in a tumultuous world and dealing with the pains of school at the same time is hard, but thankfully “SNL” is always there to cheer us up.

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SEPTEMBER 27, 2018