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Quiz: Would you be the GSI that everyone hates or loves?

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SEPTEMBER 20, 2018

GSIs — you either love them or you hate them. We all know that it only takes one to two discussion sections for you to know what kind of semester you’ll be having. As undergraduates, we never hesitate to talk shit or fall in love with our GSIs, but we at the Clog want to know what type of GSI you would be. Would you be chill? Snobby? Total heartthrobs? Take our quiz to find out!


  1. Section is mandatory. How many classes will you still skip?
    1. Attendance is basically my participation grade, so I’m there all the time!
    2. I get two unexcused absences, so I guess just two.
    3. Who cares if it’s mandatory?
    4. It’s an 8 a.m. section. Do you really think I’ll wake up?
  2. What does GSI stand for?
    1. Graduate Student Instructor
    2. Great Superhuman Intelligence
    3. Grand Supreme Individual
    4. Graduate Student Imbecile
  3. You wake up 10 minutes before section starts, you…
    1. Get up and get ready! I technically have 20 minutes to get there.
    2. Guess who gets to sleep in a little longer!
    3. Email my GSI and tell them I’m sick.
    4. Ask my friend to sign me in for attendance.
  4. Where’s the best building for section?
    1. Dwinelle — the heart of campus, of course.
    2. Evans — they have those cool rolling desks.
    3. Wheeler — those old-school desks let me sit with my legs up.
    4. Barrows — the stuffiness of the building just makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.
  5. How’s your section going so far?
    1. My GSI is really helping me out, so it’s good!
    2. My GSI has been out of town since the beginning of the school year, so now I don’t know what’s happening at all.
    3. I literally got a new GSI after the first week — we don’t know what’s going on.
    4. I said the wrong answer out loud during section so now I just don’t speak at all anymore.
  6. Do you want to go to grad school?
    1. Uh, after 12+ years of schooling, I don’t think so!
    2. Yeah! I want to become a professor someday, maybe even at UC Berkeley.
    3. I’ll only go to grad school here. I love pain and misery.
    4. My mind says, “sure,” but my GPA says, “Hell no, think again.”
    1. Sorry to break it to you, but you’re the snobby GSI that no one likes. Most of your students go to section because you enforce an attendance policy. You think that just because you’re a GSI you’re better than them, but we’ll be honest, you’re not.
    2. You’re the chill GSI. Everyone wants to switch into your sections! You have all your slides posted online, and the best part is that they’re all very detailed! Showing up to your section is optional, but you’re so great that your students always come.
    3. You really don’t care about being a GSI. You think it’s cool and it’ll help you become a professor, but it’s also just a way to get some experience. You basically just review lecture the whole time and don’t really enforce participation.
    4. You’re a first-time GSI, and your students know it. You mention your office hours after every section and try to be pals with your students. You bring cookies to class sometimes.


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SEPTEMBER 22, 2018