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Quiz: Are you Nicki Minaj or Cardi B in their recent iconic feud?

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SEPTEMBER 12, 2018

Most people haven’t made it out of this weekend without already being knee-deep in the new Nicki-Cardi beef. All we know is that something major went down at New York Fashion Week, which involved Cardi taking her shoe off to throw at Nicki, and then later leaving the event with a large welt on her forehead, smudged eye makeup, a ripped dress and only one shoe on. A celeb spectacle as divisive as this can’t go without a quiz, of course! Take the Clog’s to find out whether you’re more like Cardi or Nicki in #shoegate.


  1. You catch your best friend at a new restaurant that they’d promised to go to with you. What do you do?
    1. Pretend it didn’t happen for the sake of your friendship
    2. Take off your earrings and square up
    3. Duck behind a tree and watch them throughout the night to see if they betray you more
  2. What is one eccentric item you like to season your pizza with?
    1. Parmesan
    2. Grey Poupon
    3. The blood of your enemies
  3. Which Nicki diss track is your favorite?
    1. “Barbie Dreams”
    2. “Ganja Burns”
    3. “Hard White”
  4. Someone keyed your brand new Mercedes with custom license plates, and you see them getting away. What’s your next action?
    1. Scream, “Broski, no-ski, you can’t play me like this,” and then cradle your car sobbing
    2. Chase after them, even if it’s uphill — no one hurts your baby and gets away with it
    3. Eh, it’s your parents’ money anyway
  5. If you could choose something to throw out a window eight stories high, what would it be?
    1. A television
    2. A pair of red bottoms
    3. An entire case of beer
  6. Choose your fighter:
    1. An angry possum
    2. A middle-aged mom who wants to “speak to the manager”
    3. Nancy Pelosi during a filibuster
  7. What’s your favorite part of a song?
    1. A nice, thumping bassline
    2. On-key vocals
    3. A lone drum beat
    1. You’re Nicki! You handle beef in the most professional and absolute shadiest way. You know shit is going down but choose to ignore it, which makes it all the more real. All tea, all shade, all pink lemonade.
    2. You’re Cardi! You’re ready to cut a bitch if they fuck with you and your loved ones. You aren’t afraid to call people out when they rub you the wrong way and express your feelings to the max.
    3. You’re both of them! Talk about the ultimate drama queen. Not only are you down to fight 24/7, you’ll brush it off like it’s no big deal. Cue Insta posts with inflammatory captions and loaded trash talk with friends and anyone else who’s ready to listen.


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SEPTEMBER 12, 2018