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The life of UC Berkeley students as told by Kanye West tweets

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Special Issues Editor

SEPTEMBER 05, 2018

We at the Clog think it’s safe to say that life as a UC Berkeley student is unusual, a little disappointing and, overall, unique. We can’t help but think that no one emulates the life of UC Berkeley students better than THE Kanye West — specifically with his Twitter. Here’s the life of a UC Berkeley student as told by Ye tweets.

When you’re broke but really need that cup of coffee

“I love UC Berkeley — I am so happy here.” 

Turning up on the weekends

Sitting through a whole lecture still not sure of what you’re learning

When you’re finally done with classes for the day

Seeing a Kiwi Bot and squirrel at the same time

Turning in another application to a club you really don’t care about but need for your resume

Any conversation with other UC Berkeley students

When the stress is finally getting to you

Having a boring lecture

When you ask your friend for one problem on the homework and they send you the whole thing

Having a fire fit

Being flyered on Sproul and thinking of actually taking the flyer

During discussion sections

Walking through campus

Just being a UC Berkeley student

Kanye West might as well call himself a Golden Bear. Kanye and UC Berkeley students are really one and the same. Remember to ask yourself once in a while, “What would Kanye do?”

Joyce Cam is the blog editor. Contact Joyce Cam at [email protected].

SEPTEMBER 07, 2018