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What's adulting? The pros and cons of living on your own

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AUGUST 29, 2018

Adulting can be extremely tough, but it also has its many perks. Going to college and finally living on your own is breathtaking. You no longer have your parents watching your every move (unless they have the Find My Friends app. RIP.) and you can finally let your wild side out. It’s absolutely amazing, but it’s definitely not glorious all the time. Here are some major pros and cons of finally facing the world on your own.  

You make your own rules

Finally, no one to tell you what you can and cannot do! If you don’t feel like making your bed, then don’t do it. No one’s making you. If you feel like sleeping in until 3 p.m. on a school day, do it. No one’s stopping you. Your freedom is endless. You can come back at any hour and you don’t have to worry about being scolded. It’s great.

Holding yourself accountable 

Although you finally have the freedom you’ve been waiting for since middle school or high school, it does come with a lot of responsibilities. Your parents are no longer there to wake you up in the morning for class, take care of you when you’re sick or cook for you. Welcome to many nights of eating cereal for dinner or setting your wallet on fire by going out constantly. After a few months on your own, you’ll find a greater appreciation for your parents. 


Cleaning is literally the worst part of living on your own, especially if you live with other people. You’ll soon discover that people are unbelievably messy. With washing the dishes, vacuuming and scrubbing the toilet, you’ll find yourself wishing you still lived at home. 

Social butterfly

College is an incredibly social environment to be a part of. Everyone is always conversing. Midnight to 3 a.m. is prime time for deep and emotional talks. Those are the times when you’ll find yourself getting extremely close to the people around you. Prepare yourself to be more social than you’ve ever been before. It can be quite exhausting, but it’s totally worth it. 

Homesickness might become a very familiar feeling to you after your first few months of facing the world on your own. But living on your own will give you so many new experiences. You’ll learn more about yourself and grow as a person. The pros unquestionably overpower the cons.

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AUGUST 29, 2018