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Some of the best RSF classes to try when school starts

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AUGUST 10, 2018

Ah, the beginning of fall semester — perhaps one of the only times during the academic year when the Recreational Sports Facility is a popular spot on campus. Freshmen students wander into the school gym hoping to resist the freshman 15, and continuing students persuade themselves that this year will be the year they go to the gym and stay on top of their classes. While these dreams may be dashed when midterms come around, there are tons of group exercise classes at the RSF to take advantage of while you still have the motivation. Here are some of our favorites!


This class is a version of cardio kickboxing that was developed by RSF instructor Shane Barnard. Throughout the hour, instructors teach combinations of martial arts movements set to the beat of the music. The classes incorporate high-intensity interval training drills, which can focus on either strength or cardio depending on the class and instructor. Not only will you get in a great cardio session, but you’ll gain a few new kickboxing moves too!

Barre Fit

Similar to Cardio Barre, this strength-based class uses dance-inspired movements to target very specific muscles. Most of the exercises in this class are inspired by ballet — instructors even use a ballet barre for parts of the class! From leg pulses to posture exercises, this class will allow you to work your entire body without the intense effort of a cardio-based class. Prepare to be sore after this one!


If you ever see the lights off and hear music blasting from Court No. 5 in the RSF, you’ll know a Cycle class is happening. Cycle takes after companies such as SoulCycle and Cycle Bar and offers riders the chance to enjoy their workout without the pressure of other people watching what they are doing. The instructors turn down the lights in the room, making it easier to focus on the brutal high-intensity drills that this class promises. This class is also best when you go with a group of friends who will push you to keep going. Happy riding!


For those who prefer a calm and relaxing workout, a yoga class is the perfect way to exercise! In general, yoga offers both mind and body benefits of relaxation and increased flexibility. The RSF offers different types of yoga classes — from Sunrise Yoga in the early morning to Gentle Yoga, there’s something for every experience level and interest. The classes will not only relax your body but also calm your mind, which will be much needed when the semester starts.

Cardio Dance

Regardless of whether or not you love to dance, we highly recommend trying a Cardio Dance class the next time you go to the RSF. These classes are designed for any experience level and they are a great way to get your cardio in. By the time you learn the steps, you’ll forget that you’re even working out! Again, this is another class to take with motivating friends, so grab your workout squad and prepare to get your dance on!

Let’s face it, we can’t all be gym rats this semester and many of us will lose the time and motivation to go to the RSF as papers pile up and midterms come around. Before school gets crazy again, try an exercise class that you’ve never done before! Maybe you’ll become hooked, or maybe you’ll just feel really great about yourself afterward for working out.

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AUGUST 10, 2018