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UC Berkeley horoscopes for the 2018-19 school year

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AUGUST 03, 2018

The school year is nearly upon us and the future is looking as unpredictable as Phase II enrollment. We at the Clog want to give you a little certainty, so we’ve decided to use our expert astrology skills and read the planets, sun, moon and stars for you.


This school year is going to bring some challenges, but if you stay strong and work hard, you’ll get past whatever the school year throws at you. Whether it be classes, getting into a club or applying to an internship, you’re going to be just fine if you give it your all. But don’t forget to take time and breathe — you’re only human and have a limited supply of energy. Make sure to stop working so hard all the time and chill out on Memorial Glade or go for a hike to the Big C instead.


School is starting and you’re going to have an amazing time catching up with your friends and hanging out at all your favorite Berkeley spots. While you’re out enjoying the Berkeley Hills and boba from Gong Cha, you’ll also be keeping all your various clubs and organizations organized. While you’ll be sucked deep back into your old life and your old friends, try something new! Rather than ignoring the kid sitting next to you in class, try and get to know them — you never know what could happen.


You’ll be busier than usual this year. New projects and opportunities are going to come, and you might have a hard time balancing it all. Don’t let this dull your creativity. You may be busier, but this also means you have more chances to shine!


We know — being back at school is a drag. Back to responsibilities, drama, stress and weird eating schedules. You wish you could be back at home, wherever that may be. We think that rather than mope around, you should find happiness in your friends and the little things in life. Flowers are blooming somewhere on campus, so go find them.


This is your year for a little romance and fun. Things may not have worked out in the past, but a stranger or a friend may come around and surprise you. You won’t let this get in the way of focusing on school, of course, but it’ll be a nice change of pace for you this year.


Things won’t always go as you plan this year, but don’t let that shut you down. Learn from your mistakes and the imperfections in your life. Take a chance and actually go to office hours! Hit up some old friends you haven’t talked to since freshman year. Lean on your friends and professors — you’ll be better for it.


Things are changing this year. Friendships are developing and ending. You’ll change your mind about what you want to do in the future and you might have to deal with some unforeseen problems. In your quest to make everyone happy, you might forget to make yourself happy too. Take some time to treat yourself this semester and take a break from all the shifts in your life.


It’s finally your time to step into the spotlight and do some great things. All your planning and hard work are going to start paying off. Roll your shoulders back and walk with some confidence down Sproul. No flyers can get in your way this semester!


You’ll be going on some new adventures this year, whether it be studying abroad, starting a new job or traveling on some weekends and over your breaks. It’s going to be a whirlwind year for you, so don’t forget to stay grounded.


You can be perceived as very serious and come across as standoffish, but we know that you’re ready for people to see a new side to you. This is going to be your year of fun and socializing, and while this may not be normal for you, let it happen. You deserve to live a little and let your hair down! Whether it be at a house party or a night out in San Francisco, you’re going to have a blast.


You spend a lot of your time helping others, and people love you for it. You always do what’s right, which can be hard in times like these. Don’t lose that spirit this year and keep trying to make a change. Maybe take some classes related to social justice, go to some protests or join a service organization!


The trials of being a UC Berkeley student often overwhelm you and pull you in different directions. You’ve been battling with all these problems for so long and never let yourself breathe. Take this year to reflect on who you are and the things you care about most. Find happiness in the things you love, and don’t forget about them when times are hard.

We at the Clog hope this gives you some peace of mind. We’re all nervous to be going back to school, but there’s nothing you can do about it so we suggest making this school year the best one yet!

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AUGUST 03, 2018