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Senior Staff

AUGUST 01, 2018

Fall 2018 is days away, and whether you’re a freshman or a senior, a new semester is always a great excuse to try new things. If you’re searching for a new club to join but can’t make up your mind, then answer a few easy questions and we at the Clog will come up with a solution for you!


  1. It’s a nice, sunny day — how would you choose to spend it?
    1. Hanging out on Memorial Glade in a nice, shaded spot! 
    2. Taking a trip to San Francisco and exploring part of the city that I haven’t seen before
    3. Going deep into Main Stacks. I can’t deal with the sun
    4. Hiking up the Big C to take in campus views on a beautiful day
  2. Pick a drink!
    1. Milk tea with boba
    2. Black coffee 
    3. Golden Bear cafe smoothies 
    4. Green tea
  3. It’s Fall 2018. What are you doing in your downtime?
    1. Applying for summer 2019 internships 
    2. Searching for a fun DeCal 
    3. Downtime? What’s that?! 
    4. Listening to music or dancing! 
  4. Where do you live?
    1. Southside, so I can get to all my classes quickly
    2. Downtown Berkeley 
    3. Northside, right opposite Soda Hall 
    4. Gourmet Ghetto
  5. What’s your favorite thing about Berkeley?
    1. Oski 
    2. Proximity to Silicon Valley 
    3. Great research and professors 
    4. Sproul Plaza
  6. How many hours of sleep do you need to function?
    1. None. Sleep is for the weak
    2. At least eight hours. It’s what’s recommended
    3. Three or less. I just need a little shut-eye here and there
    4. 12 or more hours. Sleep is essential to a happy life
    1. Join an AFX dance group! If you’re looking for great community and a way to stay active and take your mind off work and classes, this could be a great choice for you!
    2. You’re career-centered and want nothing more than academic and job success. Since you’re so focused right now, a consulting club is a good way to sharpen your professional and analytical skills.
    3. You’re a tech nerd and love everything Silicon Valley. As a workaholic, you’re searching for something to challenge you, and Blockchain at Berkeley is a great way to learn more and push you out of your comfort zone.
    4. GO BEARS! You love everything Berkeley, and being a member of the Rally Committee is the best way to really get into the Cal spirit!


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AUGUST 01, 2018