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22 days of August: The Clog's list of things to do before school starts

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JULY 31, 2018

So you’ve probably heard of Freeform’s 25 Day of Christmas. … Well, we’ve got 22 days of August for you! With today being the last day of July, school season is upon us and summer is slowly slipping away. We understand how valuable these last few days of summer are — we’re here to help! Unsure of what to do before instruction begins? Here’s a list of 22 things to do every day before the Bears are back to school.

  1. Start training to pull all-nighters. You’ll be doing this a lot during the school year
  2. Reconnect with your plug (your boba plug that is) to make sure your return to Berkeley is full of boba
  3. Buy school supplies. … Duh
  4. Hit up your roommates, organize how everyone will be moving in and claim the apartment space you want
  5. Stock up on Patagonia gear. You don’t want to go a day without your Patagonia — embarrassing!
  6. Test your Hydro Flask to make sure it can stay cold all day. Odds are, it still can
  7. Sell your old textbooks on Free and For Sale
  8. Walk in zig-zags to prepare to dodge flyers on Sproul
  9. Practice your crying face in the mirror — you’ll probably cry the first day of school and you want to make sure you look fierce while doing it
  10. Stalk Free and For Sale for some last-minute apartment shopping
  11. Eat instant ramen to get your body used to not having home-cooked meals anymore
  12. Spend all day on UCBMFET so you’ll be in the loop when you and your friends are making self-deprecating jokes
  13. Sleep as much as you can and don’t set any alarms
  14. Open a credit card solely for the purpose of buying boba
  15. Create a motivation playlist ready to go for your first mental breakdown
  16. Contemplate the idea of dropping out or transferring schools, but still go to UC Berkeley because #GoBears
  17. Start a finsta or “fake Instagram” for shitposts
  18. Have one last shindig before your schedule is too cluttered to do anything
  19. Only wear UC Berkeley gear to get yourself into the spirit of going back
  20. Start the readings even though you’re inevitably going to fall behind
  21. Check CalCentral to see if you’re actually a registered student, if your financial aid was disbursed or if you’re finally off the waitlist
  22. Cry. Let it all out

Goodbye July — we’ll miss you! And hello August. We can’t believe you’d really do this to us.

Joyce Cam is the blog editor. Contact Joyce Cam at [email protected].

JULY 31, 2018