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9 useful things that should replace the Rate My Professors hotness scale

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JULY 04, 2018

There isn’t a college student who hasn’t heard of or used Rate My Professors. With scales of overall quality, how many people would retake a class and the level of difficulty, Rate My Professors is used by many students as a way to decide on which classes to take. And now with the useless “hotness” scale gone, we at the Clog have some ideas of more helpful scales to replace it.

How many people nap in lecture

Napping in lecture can happen to anyone — you just don’t want to get caught. The more people nap in lecture, the more likely you’ll be able to catch some z’s and get re-energized for the rest of your day. Napping in lecture might be a sign of a boring professor, but really, who will pass up a midday nap?

How long are the slides

There is nothing more frustrating than having your professor cram the last 25 slides within the last 10 minutes before lecture is over. And also, with too many slides, you’ll find the class dragging on and on, which can lead to no information going into your brain.

How detailed are the slides

There are pros and cons to this. If the slides aren’t detailed enough, you’ll actually feel like you have to go to lecture and pay attention. With very detailed slides, you’ll get the general gist of the material, but honestly, will you actually understand it when midterm season comes around? Depending on which type of student you are, the details on the slide can make or break a class.

Are the slides on bCourses

This question is asked at least 15 times the first week of classes. Why not let Rate My Professors tell you instead! Having the slides posted on bCourses is by far the best feeling in the world.

Quality of office hours

Office hours are mandatory for professors and GSIs —but not always for students— so either office hours are worth going to or you’re better off not going. Let Rate My Professors tell you if the uncomfortable 10-minute visit is worth it!

Amount of effort needed

Let’s be honest here, we don’t all love having to put in 110 percent in every class, especially when we’re taking more than 13 units. Although “easy A” classes are special unicorns at UC Berkeley, some classes really don’t need that much effort put into them.

Level of strictness 

When we talk about “level of strictness,” we’re thinking about our beloved electronics. Will your professor let you use your laptop? Can you browse Twitter on your phone while your professor is talking about supply and demand? Does your hand cramp up after five minutes of writing? These are the questions that we need answers to!

How many of the required readings are actually required 

Every professor has “required readings,” but honestly, are they even required? Let Rate My Professor tell you if you actually need to spend $250 on a book you won’t have to read.

How spicy the lectures are

Lectures are the most important aspect of the professor. If lectures are bland and boring, what’s the point in even going anymore? We’re looking for professors who can make lectures interesting and spicy! And we mean spicy enough to the point where we actually learn. Wow!

We at the Clog are looking toward a better Rate My Professors. It’s 2018 — why are we rating professors on their “hotness”? Let’s start rating them on something that actually matters, such as if their slides are on bCourses.

Joyce Cam is the blog editor. Contact Joyce Cam at [email protected].

JULY 04, 2018