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What if your favorite reality TV stars went to UC Berkeley?

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JULY 02, 2018

While we’re so used to seeing our beloved television stars put in elaborate settings perfect for the drama to brew, the concept of placing these celebs in the daily lives of UC Berkeley students evokes a whole different level of excitement. What could be better than watching the thrill unfold right in front of your eyes amid discussion in Dwinelle Hall or on your way to Golden Bear cafe for a breakfast burrito? Here are some stars we’d love to imagine as classmates for the upcoming academic school year.

Mark Cuban from “Shark Tank”

With a comfortable 3.7 billion dollars under his belt and a co-ownership and chairmanship of 2929 Entertainment and AXS TV, respectively, Mark Cuban is a shoo-in for admission into UC Berkeley’s competitive Haas School of Business. When not investing time and money into another Bay Area startup, Cuban can be found at the Haas Pavilion among the crowds of students who come to watch the latest basketball game. After all, he is the owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks.

Kim Kardashian West from “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”

As one of the most recognizable names in Hollywood, Kim Kardashian West would find a way to be of instant popularity even on a campus even as large as UC Berkeley. When you see Kim’s posts on any of the various UC Berkeley Facebook group pages, you already know that they’ll have 1,000 likes at the very least. Her side hustle of selling her used Yeezys on “Free and For Sale” to make even more cash seems to be an overnight success with students. Catch Kim adhering to her socialite ways by being at every party and dayger in town. When she’s not out and about, Kim is an instructor for the “Can’t Tell Me Nothing: The Development of Kanye West’s Artistry” DeCal because no one has a better understanding of Mr. West’s controversial mind than Mrs. Kardashian West.

Gordon Ramsay from “Hell’s Kitchen,” “MasterChef” and “Kitchen Nightmares”

If Gordon Ramsay ever stepped foot upon the UC Berkeley campus, you already know that the fate of Cal Dining would be in deep trouble. With his ruthless persona that allows him to freely unleash his truest feelings, Ramsay would surely bash the likes of Café 3 and Crossroads to a point of no return. However, Ramsay’s cooking talents won’t go unnoticed at UC Berkeley because there is no doubt in my mind that he would spread his ingenuity as appointed leader of the baking DeCal. Don’t forget about the line of clubs hopelessly waiting to have Ramsay cook for their various fundraisers on Sproul! Ramsay might even be able to revive the dearly deceased late night.

Cardi B from “Love & Hip Hop: New York”

Being one of the biggest female rappers of our current time, Cardi B carries on her rap legacy with her own rap a capella club that teaches students all about her bold, feisty style. If you’re lucky, Offset might even make a special guest appearance. As a music major, Cardi would truly provide valuable experience and insight relating to her rapid rise to fame. Her quirky, comedic and straight-to-the-point demeanor would surely be a success on the meme page.

Tyra Banks from “America’s Next Top Model”

From walking Victoria’s Secret runway shows to starring in her own model scouting competition, Tyra Banks would surely know how to strut her stuff on campus. As the president of the fashion club on campus, Fashion and Student Trends, or FAST, Banks puts together elaborate fashion shows on campus in her free time while still managing to come to your 8 a.m. lecture all glammed out.

The endless majors, activities and clubs at UC Berkeley make it a place where people with all types of interests can thrive, even if you may find yourself being a mega-famous reality TV star. From Michelin-star chefs to Grammy-nominated artists, there’s a little niche for everyone on campus to feel at home.

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JULY 02, 2018