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Somebody once told me that 'Shrek' is 17 years old. Feel old yet?

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MAY 11, 2018

“Shrek” just turned 17. Yeah, you read that right. If the movie “Shrek” were a person, they would have just SIR-ed to UC Berkeley and we would be seeing them in the fall as a freshman. You might be concerned that you’re getting old. Let’s face it — I mean, most of the incoming freshmen will have been born in 2000. In fact, in case you haven’t really realized how old you are now, we at the Clog thought we’d share some unsettling reminders that haunt us every day.

Club Penguin is over
That’s right, it’s over, and it isn’t coming back. The online multiplayer game was released in 2005 and officially shut down in 2017. With it, a virtual world of love, happiness and childhood. While most of us probably stopped playing around middle school, we miss having the opportunity to log back on every once in a while. If we’re being honest, it was really fun.

Miley Cyrus’s shocking Video Music Awards performance was almost five years ago
Yet another important milestone, Miley Cyrus’ somewhat scandalous show took place half a decade ago. We all remember watching it and coming to school the next day only to find that it was all anyone was talking about. Knowing that this is all so far behind us (and Miley, too) is pretty shocking, if you ask us.

No child today remembers “Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana”
This crossover episode could be credited as the highlight of your life. In 2009, our Disney Channel favorites joined together in a perfect on-deck mashup, and if this wasn’t the most exciting thing to ever happen to you, you’re probably lying. (Does anyone even know what’s happening on Disney Channel now?)

Silly bands are no longer in
This is the sad truth. The time has come where some of the best fashion trends to ever exist will only be a memory. Hair feathers, Sketchers, and Limited Too peace sign-covered leggings are probably gone forever. If we’re lucky, maybe they’ll come back into fashion the way that chokers and crop tops did.

AIM has been discontinued
The platform that used to be your No. 1 form of communication and the reason for your embarrassing original email address is no longer a thing. AOL got rid of its instant messaging system in 2017. At least we’ll always have Facebook Messenger, but it’s honestly not the same.

“Halloweentown” turns 20 this year
This year’s anniversary makes this classic film older than half of the student population at UC Berkeley. If you haven’t been feeling old up until this point, you should.

It’s a strange feeling knowing that the young remnants of our childhood are not so young anymore. If you ever find yourself feeling sentimental, we recommend registering back with Webkinz or Neopets to relive the best parts of our lives.

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MAY 11, 2018