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The best sandwich places in Berkeley for treating yourself after finals

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Amanda Ramirez/Staff


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MAY 09, 2018

Sandwiches. Perfect for any meal of the day. Whether it be your basic lunch meat sandwich you brought to school every day in grade school or that fancy sandwich you had in San Francisco, sandwiches are always there for you. It’s all about the bread-to-meat ratio, the type of bread, the quality of the sauce and how the bite feels. If you can’t tell, we at the Clog love sandwiches, and have compiled a list of sandwich places near campus where you should treat yourself after your finals are done. There’s nothing better than a quality sandwich after a long, hard semester, so go out and treat yo selves!

Ike’s Love and Sandwiches

This king of all sandwich places deserves more hype. The Dutch crunch bread is to die for, and each location has a different menu, so there are literally thousands of sandwich possibilities out there. Ike’s also has both meat and vegetarian options, so there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for something super filling and crazy good, Ike’s is the place for you. There are locations on College Avenue and Shattuck Avenue, so you can go no matter where you are.

Pedro’s Brazil Cafe

There are a few Brazil Cafes scattered around Downtown Berkeley and another one located at the Westbrae Biergarten, an adorable outdoor Biergarten that’s perfect to go to on a hot summer day — or in Berkeley’s case, a mildly warm summer day. The locations Downtown include a restaurant and “the shack.” Its tri-tip sandwich is famous for being flavorful and addictive, and we at the Clog can confirm this to be true. There are also some other great sandwiches, such as the linguica. If you’ve never had Pedro’s, don’t deprive yourself any longer and go!

Cheese n’ Stuff

Located conveniently close to campus and Unit 3, this hidden (yet super well-known) gem is another sandwich powerhouse. There are a million options to choose from — whether you’re in the mood for just a plain turkey sandwich or a flavorful chicken pesto, Cheese n’ Stuff has it! The staff is super friendly, too, so be sure to check it out.


For all you bread fans out there, don’t miss out on Mezzo’s famous honey wheat! The sandwich portions are huge but don’t make you feel too unhealthy. Our personal favorite is the BLTA (bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado), a super fresh take on a basic BLT. Everything at Mezzo is extremely fresh and aesthetically pleasing, so don’t miss out!

I.B.’s Berkeley

This sandwich place is perfect for when you’re in a greasy food mood. I.B.’s has some incredible hoagies and curly fries that pair amazingly well. It’s on Durant Avenue next to Asian Ghetto, so next time you’re thinking about going to the Taco Bell, try I.B.’s instead. You won’t regret it.

PIQ Bakery

PIQ Bakery is the underrated sandwich royalty of Downtown Berkeley and Berkeley in general. Its simple Italian concoctions are fresh, satisfying, and everything you need in a sandwich. The atmosphere is super cute, and the bakery also has a bunch of baked goods, pizzas, and focaccias to choose from. All the bread is freshly made, which gives the sandwiches an extra boost. PIQ gives ingredients like prosciutto di Parma and mozzarella the respect and love they deserve. It’s not too expensive either, so we’d highly recommend stopping by!

We would also like to take a moment of silence for Montague’s, a sandwich place that helped us through many trying times with its amazing Dutch crunch bread and Mario Kart gaming station. Montague’s closed last year, but the wound of losing it is still fresh. Montague’s, you are missed!

We take our sandwiches very seriously here at the Clog and you should, too. So after you take that horrible 8 a.m. final, celebrate all the hard work you’ve done and summer’s arrival with a quality sandwich from any of these places!

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MAY 09, 2018