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7 tips to help you get over the middle-of-finals-week slump

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MAY 09, 2018

You’ve made it to the halfway mark of finals week. The middle of finals week means one of two things — either you’re just starting to take finals, or, for those specially chosen ones, you might already be done. To those blessed enough to be going home two days early, we at the Clog just want to say fuck you! And for all of our brave soldiers who are still battling the slump of finals week, we’re here for you! Seeing others already done with finals will most likely have you feeling even more unmotivated to do anything. Why must you be burdened with another two days of actual hell? The Clog, once again, is here to help. Here are a few ways to keep the slump away.

1. Treat yourself to some good food

Food really cures everything. Take a break from your finals week diet of granola bars and yerba mate and get some real food. Treat yourself to some delicious ramen from Ippudo, or authentic Thai food from Imm or take the extra mile and eat some of OB Town’s delicious chicken and garlic fries. Food can help you feel a bit more alive for finals when all you actually want to do is die.

2. Watch a funny movie

Destress with a quick two-hour break. There’s no better way to keep your mood cheery than watching Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum take on college in “22 Jump Street.” Remember that Jesus died for our Cyn-thi-as, and we at the Clog think it’s a sin to not take some time to laugh a little.

3. Make friendship bracelets for yourself

You can be your own biggest fan. Get some string and beads from Daiso and get to crafting! Show yourself some appreciation for actually getting through the first half of finals week at UC Berkeley. Crafts are a great way to have fun while feeling productive. 

4. Surround yourself with other people who never let the grind stop

When seeing other people studying and grinding out their work, it just makes you feel guilty for not doing the same. Sometimes to get back in the studying, productive mood, you have to make sacrifices. The sacrifice I’m talking about here is actually going to Moffitt and staying there all day. Moffitt students really get their shit done!

5. Call or Facetime your family

No matter who you are, many of us have this underlying feeling of going to college for our families. Being in the midweek slump can make you think about why you’re actually at UC Berkeley. Hit your family up and just chat for a bit! A five-minute conversation can remind you of why you’re here.

6. Shotgun a yerba mate

We at the Clog have found a new love for yerba mate. With this energy drink not tasting like straight-up sugar, it’s one of the best pick-me-ups around. Seriously, yerba mate had me energized and focused for such a long time. Drink up, bears! Time for that yerba mate to go down the hatch. But like we said earlier, make sure to also eat some good food.

7. Scream as loud as you can wherever you are

Screaming can send a bolt of energy through your body. Seriously, scream anywhere and everywhere to ensure that the slump stays away. If you want to show some school pride, replace a normal scream with a “Go Bears!”

The end of the school year is coming. We know — it’s so close, yet feels so, so far away. We can do this! Happy studying bears!

Joyce Cam is the blog editor. Contact Joyce Cam at [email protected].

MAY 09, 2018