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What if the 'Arthur' characters went to UC Berkeley?

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MAY 07, 2018

“Every day when you’re walking down the street, and everybody that you meet, has an original point of view.”

Just imagine. You’re walking down Bancroft past students, professors and tourists trying to catch a glimpse of a protest, and you see your favorite aardvark, Arthur, in the pack. We don’t know whether we’d be excited or a little jarred. Yes, friends, the Clog has been feeling a little nostalgic lately, so we’ve been reminiscing about our favorite TV shows. We came to the consensus that “Arthur” was, by far, the best show PBS and the 2000s had to offer. Being our favorite show, we wondered what the characters would be doing if they went to UC Berkeley!

Arthur Read

This glasses-wearing aardvark would be an English major. He started out as a book character, so it’s only fitting! As a freshman, he tried to join everything, from Rally Committee to club baseball. You can probably find him hanging out with his big group of friends or arguing with his younger sister, D.W., who also happens to go to UC Berkeley.

Buster Baxter

This food-loving rabbit would be a nutritional sciences and toxicology major and would also teach the baking DeCal. Freshman year, he spent most of his time at Crossroads during the day and at Late Night after 10 p.m. Late Night’s cancellation hit him especially hard. Buster also runs a successful Bay Area food Instagram account and is always traveling around the East Bay and over to San Francisco to try new eateries with his best friend, Arthur.

Francine Frensky

Francine would play for our Division I women’s soccer team and would major in molecular and cell biology, hoping to go into sports medicine if she doesn’t end up making the U.S. women’s soccer team (but let’s face it — she’ll make it). When she’s not busy riding around on her moped or practicing with the team, she’s with her best friend Muffy or her boyfriend Arthur.

Alan “The Brain” Powers

With a nickname like “The Brain,” there’s no way he isn’t an EECS major. Brain spends most of his days at his URAP, where he’s doing some groundbreaking research, coding in his room or playing in Cal Band. His friends are always asking him to tutor them, especially Arthur when he needs help with his science breadth classes.  

Muffy Crosswire

Muffy would be in Haas as a business major, of course. Her father is a successful businessman, and she hopes to be an even better businesswoman in the future. Not only is she a budding entrepreneur, she loves fashion, and she participates in Fashion and Student Trends by offering up her designing and makeup skills. Oh, and we forgot to mention: She just got an internship with Google this summer! Go Muffy!

D.W. Read

We’ve saved the best for last. Being the queen of arguments, D.W. would be a political science major. She would get involved with the ASUC for a bit, but she’d eventually quit after winning every debate she participated in. She’d then join the Debate Society of Berkeley and Berkeley Model United Nations and excel at both. She’s hoping to run for president someday, so catch her this summer with a cool congressional internship in Sacramento.

So I say, hey! What a wonderful kind of day! The “Arthur” characters are here at UC Berkeley to stay!

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MAY 07, 2018