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Playlist: Sick beats for dead week 2018

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APRIL 25, 2018

Dead week is on the horizon — with it comes all of the wonderful stress of our final assignments and the fact that we know we could fail all our classes! Wonderful!

Here’s a little playlist the Clog has created for all of you procrastinators and diligent students alike.

“Stressed Out” — Twenty One Pilots                                                             

It’s the weekend transitioning from week 14 to week 15 and you’re a little jumpy, but also a little on top of the world. You maaaay be a little more generally anxious about school and the future, so you know Twenty One Pilots has you with their #adulting anthem, “Stressed Out”.

“Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)” — Fall Out Boy

By this point, you’ve reached Red Bull can-crushing frustration with school, your professors, and OK, maybe yourself and your liiitle procrastination tendencies that made you wait to get started on that research paper a week (or the night) before it was due. With this song by Fall Out Boy, you’ll be telling yourself you’re one paper closer to leaving this joint.

“I’m a Mess” — Ed Sheeran

Oh, Ed Sheeran always knows. There’s something about his gentle English voice that’s both reassuring and bittersweet as you reach that point of surrender the night before a final is due. No matter how scattered and unorganized you feel, remember that this is not the end. It’s not over till it’s over.

“Rut” — The Killers 
Brandon Flowers wrote this song about his wife’s battle with depression, but I don’t think it’s a stretch for us to apply it to our own lives when we are at our lowest points. Maybe you’re stuck in an absurd bout of writer’s block to rival that of Harper Lee, or have suddenly forgotten every. single. formula you needed for that exam. It’s easy to find yourself in a rut.
“Migraine” — Twenty One Pilots 
Back to Twenty One Pilots — I know, I know. Hot Topic is not punk rock and all that, but there are few songs that can truly express the sheer panic we often find ourselves spiraling into just before that one especially impossible final exam. The key thing to remember is that we’ve made it this far, kid.
“Everything’s Not Lost” — Coldplay 
Just when everything began to feel impossible, you’re on the upward swing. Whether you’ve got a second burst of energy or some treasured revelation or inspiration, what matters is holding onto that feeling. Even if it does feel like all of your professors are conspiring against you, or that you’ve had so much coffee you can hear color, what matters is making it to the end.
“Keep Holding On” — Avril Lavigne 
Don’t stop now — the finish line is within sight! Now’s a good time to gather your friend(s) and study group and do what you do best: studying and supporting one another. As we all go through different cycles of anxiety, negativity and positivity about finals, it helps to be around each other so we can challenge each other to do better and not fall into pits of despair.
“Shake It Out” — Florence + the Machine
It’s almost time. That final you’ve been studying for all week (or much longer), or that project you’ve been working on for ages (or what seems like ages after all of the caffeine you’ve ingested in as many ways as humanly possible) is here. You may be feeling like Florence Welch here: damned if you do, but certainly damned if you don’t. However much you’ve suffered, hold on to what you’ve studied and hold on to that hope.
“The Middle” — Jimmy Eat World 
It’s exam time. You’re going in with sweaty palms, a green book or scantron, some No. 2 pencils and a hope in your heart. Remember Jimmy Eat World’s lyrics, “Just try your best/try everything you can” and don’t worry after that. Take a deep breath. Remember your training. You can actually do this. Remember: “You’re in the middle of the ride/everything (everything) will be just fine/everything will be all right (all right).”
“Unwritten” — Natasha Bedingfield 
Now that we’ve walked you through these steps, it’s almost like dead week and finals are done, isn’t it? That wasn’t so bad, was it? All right, now it’s time to get down to business for real. All of the stress, sweat and tears will be worth it. That blank page in front of you may seem a little daunting, but now’s the time to start. Remember: no matter what happens, you’re in control of your own story — this semester is just a chapter of it. The rest is still unwritten.
So put your headphones on and find a place to hunker down and get to work. Just a few more assignments before this semester is finally over.
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APRIL 26, 2018