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Quiz: Which Best of Berkeley-nominated Italian restaurant are you?

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APRIL 11, 2018

Berkeley has no shortage of amazing food to try all around the city, and Italian food is no exception. So have no fear, random pasta cravings! You can literally be anywhere in town and have an amazing Italian option nearby. To celebrate our “Best of Berkeley 2018” nominations and the wonderful Italian food around, take the Clog’s little quiz. We promise it’ll have you thinking about rolling Tuscan fields and drinking wine at your grandma’s villa in no time.   


  1. When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie …
    1. That’s amore!  
    2. Ouch?  
    3. The world seems to shine like you’ve had too much wine.
    4. I want Dean Martin playing every time I eat Italian food.
    5. What does this mean?
  2. What city makes the best pizza?
    1. New York.
    2. Chicago.
    3. Los Angeles.
    4. Berkeley.
    5. Any city in Italy, duh.
  3. Pick a sauce!
    1. Pesto.
    2. Marinara.
    3. Alfredo.
    4. Arrabbiata.
    5. Bolognese.
  4. What’s your favorite pizza place in Berkeley?
    1. Cheeseboard all the way.
    2. Artichoke Basille’s, because it’s always there for me no matter what!
    3. I love Jupiter; it’s super legit and I love the aesthetic look inside.
    4. Bobby G’s! Trivia nights are fun and I love being in Downtown.
    5. Sliver! It’s way better than Cheeseboard, and I love the new big location.
  5.  You’re at a restaurant and want an antipasto — what do you order?
    1. Arancini.
    2. Bruschetta.
    3. Caprese salad.
    4. Calamari fritto misto.
    5. A plate of meats and cheeses.
  6. What pasta is best?
    1. Fettuccine.
    2. Farfalle.
    3. Rigatoni.
    4. Spaghetti.
    5. Tortellini.
  7. It’s late on a Saturday and you’ve got the munchies for a slice. Where do you go?
    1. Seniore’s.
    2. Artichoke’s.
    3. Bobby G’s Pizzeria.
    4. Fat Slice Pizza.
    5. La Val’s Pizza.
  8. You get to go to Italy for a once-in-a-lifetime food tour! What city is first on your list?
    1. Florence.
    2. Rome.
    3. Naples.
    4. Venice.
    5. Milan.
  9. What’s the best Italian dessert?
    1. Gelato.
    2. Cannoli.
    3. Tiramisu.
    4. Panna cotta.
    5. Panettone.
  10. Finally, how does Italian food make you feel?
    1. I feel so Italian I immediately start using my hands when I speak.
    2. Honestly, I don’t know why I took this quiz. I don’t really care for Italian food.
    3. Like falling into a food coma.
    4. Happy and healthy! Pasta is good for you, you know!
    5. Fine — I have it so much it’s become routine.
    1. Gypsy’s Trattoria Italiana — You’re a classic and always make people feel good. You’re popular and have a great sense of humor.
    2. Corso — You’re an intelligent person who really knows their stuff. You’re classy and cool; people want to be you.
    3. Pasta Bene — You’re friendly and loyal to your friends. You often feel a little underappreciated, but people do care about you.
    4. Lucia’s Berkeley — You’re trendy and cute, and you’ve got a fresh sense of humor that people love.
    5. The Italian Homemade Company — You’re a total original and like to eat fresh, homemade foods. You’ve got some cool new ideas that are going to transform the world.


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APRIL 13, 2018