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Quiz: Which Best of Berkeley brunch spot are you?

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APRIL 10, 2018

Ah, brunch. Simply put, it’s the best meal of the week. You get to knock out two meals in one sitting of deliciousness and money-saving glory, and it’ll surely cure you of one of those Saturday night-induced hangovers. It’s good for the soul, people. Plus, with all of the incredible brunch options to choose from right here in Berkeley, you may have found yourself wondering — which popular brunch spot is the best? Well, luckily, in a few days, The Daily Californian will have an answer for you. But, in the meantime, find out which Berkeley brunch spot you are (aka which is the best) with the Clog’s quiz!


  1. Go-to brunch order?
    1. French toast
    2. Sandwich
    3. Eggs Benedict
    4. Pancakes
    5. Scrambled eggs
  2. What’s your preferred brunch dining ambiance?
    1. Rustic
    2. Homey
    3. Cute and quaint
    4. Classic, quintessential diner
    5. Romantic
  3. What time do you like to get your brunch on?
    1. 8 a.m. Gotta avoid those long lines!
    2. Around noon-ish.
    3. As late as possible. 2 p.m.-ish.
    4. Mid-morning, around 10 a.m.
    5. 11 a.m. The perfect brunching time!
  4. How do you wish to feel once you’ve finished your brunch?
    1. Absolutely and positively stuffed to the point where I can barely exit the restaurant.
    2. Light and still able to move.
    3. Dancing between full and stuffed.
    4. Like I’ve consumed three days worth of food in one hour.
    5. Just satisfied enough that I feel ready to start the day!
  5. On a scale of 1-10, how Instagrammable do you prefer your brunch to be?
    1. 11. Pristine plating, please.
    2. 7. I’d prefer if it was Insta Story-worthy, at least.
    3. 3. As long as it tastes good, that’s fine with me.
    4. 9. It has to at least be VSCO-able.
    5. 5. I couldn’t care less either way.
  6. How far are you willing to travel for your brunch?
    1. Down Durant Avenue, and that’s pretty much it.
    2. To Elmwood we go!
    3. West Berkeley. I’m willing to go far to get the goods.
    4. All the way to Fourth Street if it means I’m getting the best of the best!
    5. Um, across from campus…
    1. You’re La Note Restaurant! You’re a fancy-schmancy brunchgoer, no doubt about it. Your Sunday morning brunch is of the utmost importance to you and your love of french toast is completely unmatched. Exiting brunch totally and utterly stuffed is your style.
    2. You’re Elmwood Cafe! You’re all about getting your brunch on in a chill and relaxed atmosphere. Classic breakfast foods may not be your favorite, but this establishment’s always got you covered for whatever food you’re feeling.
    3. You’re the Sunny Side Up Cafe! You’re a well-loved, little-known Berkeley favorite. Eggs are your go-to brunch dish and you’re all about those cute and quaint brunch vibes.
    4. You’re Bette’s Oceanview Diner! When you brunch, you like to go all-out and kick it old school. You’re classic, love retro things and are a pancake monster. Wherever there are pancakes, you’re there too (presumably at Bette’s).
    5. You’re Venus Restaurant! You’re pretty health-conscious when it comes to brunching, and we applaud you for that (because let’s be real, a “healthy brunch” is a paradox of its own)! A classic brunch of scrambled eggs and hash browns is your meal of choice, and for good reason — Venus does it astonishingly well.


Chloe Lelchuk is the assistant blog editor. Contact Chloe Lelchuk at [email protected].

APRIL 10, 2018