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Quiz: What does your backpack say about you?

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APRIL 04, 2018

Walking around campus, you probably notice a lot of different types of people — and their backpacks, too. It’s almost impossible to find a Berkeley student not carrying a backpack. Whether it’s brand-new or old, spotless or plastered with buttons, your backpack can reveal a lot of about you. Take our quiz to find out what yours says about you. 


  1. What type of backpack do you have?
    1. A canvas backpack, because they’re durable, fit all my things and are stylish.
    2. A roller backpack. With all the hills in Berkeley, I don’t want to subject my back to any torture from my heavy bag.
    3. A sports backpack, to carry all my workout stuff because I have to hit the RSF after class to lift. Duh!
    4. A messenger backpack, because I’m preppy and professional. 
  2. What color is your backpack?
    1. A super bright and fun color!
    2. A classic all-black or all-white. 
    3. I live for patterns! Who can commit to just one color?
    4. A nice, neutral tan or beige.
  3. Do you have any buttons on your bag?
    1. One for every organization I support and am a part of.
    2. I have a few I got for free at Caltopia!
    3. No, but that’s only because I haven’t found a button that really speaks to me.
    4. Why would I do that? It would ruin my bag’s aesthetic!
  4. What do you carry in your backpack?
    1. I take what I need: my class materials, keys, a pencil case and wallet.
    2. I pack my bag like I’m going camping. I have all my class materials, my wallet, a jacket, some medicines, Band-Aids, sanitizer, water bottle, keys, a snack, my lunch and dinner, an umbrella in case it rains and my portable chargers, of course!
    3. I don’t really pack my bag. I keep it as a surprise for myself the next day.
    4. Maybe some gum?
  5. What condition is your backpack currently in?
    1. Brand-new!
    2. Maybe a few scuffs and stains, but otherwise it’s pretty good.
    3. It’s slightly old. Some parts are frayed, but it still holds everything I need.
    4. I’m pretty sure my bag is one fiber away from just splitting open.
  6. Be honest — how messy is your bag?
    1. Spotless, considering I clean it out every night!
    2. There might be a stray paper here and there but otherwise, pretty tidy.
    3. I’m pretty sure the bottom is just garbage.
    4. I’m too scared of the mess to check.
    1. You’re organized and clearly have your life together. You like to be prepared for every scenario and prefer things to be planned and orderly. You put a lot of hard work into everything you do and give everything your 110 percent. Go you!
    2. You have a “go with the flow” attitude. You don’t like to take life too seriously and like spontaneity. You’re a very laid-back person, extremely chill, maybe show up late to everything and are probably everyone’s best friend. 
    3. You’re a professional in the making. You value style and practicality an equal amount. You’re articulate, diligent and have great interpersonal skills (or whatever else it is that you put on your resume).
    4. You’re an activist. You’re expressive, passionate and empathetic. You fiercely advocate for the causes you support. Yeah, some people might call you pushy or loud, but you see it as making a difference. Keep it up!


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APRIL 04, 2018