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Dark nite of the sole: Spooky tails from the mined of a copy editor

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MARCH 31, 2018

In a dark corner of the Daily Cal office, a copy editor is dreaming:

Due knot sensor the fare blewbirds! Seed them sum songs even if they teas, Let them steak there claim! They’re sweet coral serenade philz the heir … with gentel size that echo in the would. Watch them: ark and sore across the sky! the suite quire Of nature, pretty as a Rows in the mourning lite, mussed not bee silenced. Wee knead them moor then they need us Hour ownly chants of joy inn a baron, debaste world—the cites and soundss of the blewbird quire. Owe! Wut beauty! Saver it while yoo can,

I wish ide staid when you axed me two. Instead eye went my own weigh. Knight after nite the pail moon shines thru my window as i toss and tern, full of regret, remembering hour daze together. Ate months iz a long absents, won never nose the write path at the thyme. The Wizdom of hindsite ownly brings moar pane.

blew waives on a sandy beech. Pieceful moment Hawaii maybee or california idk i think eye saw a penguin that’s nice, perfect sunset or maybe sunrise doesnt matter i like the colors orange and yello and a grate big oshun but look their the tides rising big waves darksky birds are gone—when did they leeve better find hi ground quick quick b4 swimming with phishes, nothing against fishes just don’t wanna die sew hurry now oh no cant moove feet stuck running slo mo help help im not gonna make it O but theres a good song playing seems familiar i like it ok maybe drownings not so bad wate that doesnt make sense im dreaming—

now in class didnt study todays the day, the big test day oh look that’s my 3rd grade teacher nvm look again its Lauren Bacall wow so starstruck lauren Bacall i guess it’s 1947 but ok didn’t study good thing i dug this tunnel to Moffitt hehe first question dont know the answer run to MOffittt! Find the answer run back this will take a while wait why are all the test answers ritten on a wall in mofit doesn’t make sense guess I’m dreaming

All work and no play makes Nick a dull boy all workk and no Play makes Nick a dul boy awl werk ‘n know play mmakes N1ck a dull boi aal wrok and noplayy

~ TL;DR ~ Do androids dream of electric sheep? Do copy editors dream of there/their errors?

Oooh spoooky. …

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MAY 18, 2018