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Quiz: Which point on the college triangle best describes you?

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MARCH 22, 2018

As you get ready to come to college, you’re going to repeatedly hear that college is all about balance. Your entire college experience could be reduced to a mere triangle, depending on which corner of the triangle you choose to focus on. Among the three foci — school, social life and sleep — which side do you fall on?


  1. How do you usually show up to your 8 a.m. classes right now?
    1. They’re not as bad as everyone says. I just make sure to get about seven hours of sleep so I can optimize my learning experience.
    2. Groggy and hung over.
    3. What’s an 8 a.m.?
  2. What’s your idea of a fun night?
    1. Reading up on those “additional recommended readings” links my teacher posts for fun.
    2. Not sure — I usually don’t remember them.
    3. Any night I get in bed by 9:30 p.m. is a win in my book.
  3.  Which location best describes what you think your home away from home within Berkeley will be?
    1. The library — I’ll probably be sleeping there every night for weeks on end.
    2. I’ll find my favorite frat.
    3. Honestly, anywhere I can catch some shuteye works for me. Classes that put you right to sleep are a personal favorite of mine.
  4. What’s the worst news you’ve gotten all week?
    1. I lost three points on my test because I forgot to use the quotient rule.
    2. I may be a few weeks late, but it hit me pretty hard when Pappy’s lost its liquor license.
    3. My sister’s alarm woke me up in the morning. That’s worse than any news I could imagine.
  5.  Where do you go after your last class on Friday?
    1. I really like to treat myself on Fridays. I’ll usually spice things up and study at a nice café!
    2. I usually head over to my friend’s house and start the weekend early with a little dayger.
    3. The same place I’ll be spending the next few days — my bed.
  6.  What’s the name of your top-played playlist?
    1. Calm study vibez
    2. #R #U #READY
    3. White noise and sleep at last
    1. It seems like you have your priorities laid out, as well as your five-year plan! All your friends know that school comes before anything else for you, but it’s fine because they probably met you through your Chem Honors class and feel the same way.
    2. You’re going to college with some goals in mind, and they don’t have much to do with getting a degree. One thing you are certain about is that you’ll be turning up! And that’s all that really matters at the end of the day (until your parents see your report card).
    3. You recognize that college has lots of a great opportunities, but you have a feeling that your lethargy will keep you glued to your pillow, and that’s the way you like it. People don’t rely on you, and you sleep through all your obligations. And since you rarely make it to class, your classmate’s notes are your best friend.


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MARCH 23, 2018