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Playlist: Empowering songs by empowering women

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MARCH 08, 2018

Music makes just about everything better, and what better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than by listening to a playlist full of empowering songs by empowering women? Read on to see some of our favorites.

“Doves in the Wind” — SZA

SZA was one of the standout new female artists of 2017, and if you’ve ever heard “Doves in the Wind” off of her album Ctrl, it’s pretty clear to see why it got so much buzz. With this song, SZA challenges women to embrace their femininity and independence and to use these qualities to drive the world. With a feature from Kung Fu Kenny (Kendrick Lamar) himself, we know “Doves in the Wind” could basically make any woman feel like a sacred temple of untouchable force, to say the least. As the lyric goes, “lose they mind for it.”

“Girl on Fire” — Alicia Keys

An anthem, a lifestyle, a vision. “Girl on Fire” by classic R&B singer Alicia Keys embodies the driven passion that lives within our very “She’s got both feet on the ground / And she’s burning it down” spirit as 21st century women. This 2012 hit is one of those to belt when you need the motivation the most to not back down — or, if you’re me, when you’re walking home from literally anywhere.

“Honey” — Kehlani

“I like my girls just like I like my honey.” Bay Area native Kehlani brings a beautiful acoustic description of her dream woman in “Honey.” It’s a must-say, but hearing a description of an enchanting woman from the perspective of another enchanting woman is just everything you didn’t know you wanted to hear for International Women’s Day. If there’s anything this day should be about, it’s women empowering and hyping other women up so they can recognize their greatness. Kehlani, you’re doing great.

“Needed Me” — Rihanna

Sad breakup songs where we cry about what went wrong? Nope. Next. Didn’t they tell you Rihanna’s a savage? More like it. The breakup song we should all be listening to after a hard time by one of the biggest queens of this century, “Needed Me” is there to remind anyone post-bad breakup that you deserve nothing but the best, aka no letting people take their problems out on you any time of day.

“Independent Women, Pt. 1” — Destiny’s Child

If you know anything about the iconic trio that is Destiny’s Child, this should be pretty self-explanatory. The actual embodiment of female empowerment, these powerhouses let us know just how great it feels to be that badass woman who spoils herself and loves every minute of it. “All the women who independent,” “all the honeys who makin’ money,” this one’s for you.

Find these songs and more on our International Women’s Day 2018 playlist on Spotify! Check out the entire 1 hour and 17 minutes of pure empowerment below.

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MARCH 08, 2018