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A letter to our friends who are far away

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MARCH 08, 2018

Dear friend from home,

Hi there, it’s us again. It’s been a while since we’ve talked. We hope you’re having a fun time doing whatever it is you’re doing, wherever you are. We write that last sentence with a twinge of sadness as we reflect on the fact that there was once a time when we knew exactly what you had been up to. While the physical and emotional distance between us isn’t necessarily our favorite thing to think about, we felt this letter of appreciation needed to be written. 

It’s tough to accept that our friendship has changed. Not necessarily for better or worse — it’s just different. Although it’s hard to face the fact that our friendship will never be exactly like it once was, we take refuge in the truth that this doesn’t detract from the past or future in any way. Those fun times we shared in the past will always be untouchable memories in our hearts. We have full faith in the resiliency of our bond; there’s no doubt in our minds that our tomfoolery will instantly resume the next time we’re together. 

All things change with time. For instance, those avocados that I bought from Trader Joe’s last Tuesday are just now getting ripe enough to enjoy. No friendship will remain the same forever, and therein lies the beauty of the whole thing. While we may no longer be in constant contact as we once were, that doesn’t mean that we support you any less than we did before. Should you ever need a helping hand or kidney, you know that we’ll be there on the double. 

Our friendships are always evolving to meet the different stages of our lives. The playground friendships that we established in kindergarten were fun, but the relationships we’ve established today extend far beyond the sandbox. We’ve been fortunate enough to meet countless amazing people at our school. The bright minds and quirky personalities that we’ve come to love have made our time here fly by. It’s not that we’re replacing you in any way. Rather, we’re finding more friends to keep the party of companionship going. 

We’re so proud of you and all that you’ve accomplished. We selfishly wish that you could continue killing the game a little bit closer to our hearts, but distance is merely an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. 

We’ll see you soon.


Your friend from home

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MARCH 08, 2018