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Coffee shops guaranteed to add pizzazz to any weekend study session

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MARCH 05, 2018

You often find yourself waiting until the end of the week, but the weekend isn’t always a time to look forward to when your plans consist of studying, studying and a little more studying. If you’re looking to spice up your work session, a great way is to open up your studying options to coffee shops based on your #mood. Below are a few of our favorite go-tos.

Free Speech Movement Cafe
This student favorite is perfect when you really want to feel productive. Sandwiched in between Moffitt and Main Stacks, you’ll know you have the option to really crack down if you absolutely need to, though you know you probably won’t. At least it’ll feel like you’re on a grind.

Cafe Milano
Located just across from campus on Bancroft Way, Cafe Milano is incredibly cozy on a rainy day and is thus the perfect place when you’re trying to get hella reading done. The lighting is just right, and we’d recommend the chai latte — it’s good hot or cold, whether you’re trying to feel snug and toasty or looking for something refreshing.

1951 Coffee Company
The nice thing about this place is that you can always justify spending real money (as opposed to the abundance of meal points you have) on a cup of coffee. This nonprofit organization dedicates its cause to the well-being of refugees, offering both job training and employment opportunities. Its wall is stamped with important facts you can read about refugees while you sip your cup of joe. Not to mention it serves incredible Verve coffee, and it’s almost guaranteed to be playing classic Adele or Ed Sheeran hits.

Romeo’s Coffee
This is the move when you’re looking to get a little funky. Romeo’s is almost always popping with a disco soundtrack, and the wall art provides just the right vibe on any stressful Sunday. Be sure to ask for the silky-smooth cream, and if you’re hungry, you can’t go wrong with the almond butter and guava jam toast.

Philz Coffee
If you’re really trying to treat your taste buds, go to Philz. The mint mojito is a must, and you can sip it while you enjoy live music once a month. Head to the one on Shattuck Avenue, and use it as an excuse to venture all the way to Downtown Berkeley. You may not have traveled far from Telegraph Avenue, but with its high-end restaurants and plethora of bookstores, Downtown feels like something from a different world.

The weekend’s a time to relax and make exciting memories, and it’s important to treat it that way no matter what point of midterm season you’re in.

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MARCH 05, 2018