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6 spicy ways to shimmer up your humdrum resume

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FEBRUARY 26, 2018

Back in the day, things were easy. Deadlines weren’t real, and people would only judge you on your social media accounts.

But now that you’re in “college” and an “adult,” it’s time you start walking around with a killer resume in your back pocket. You’ll find soon enough that it’s indispensable to just about any situation. Trying to get a summer internship? Show your resume. Want to make some new friends? Whip out your resume! Run out of things to say in an awkward conversation? Resume. People exchange resumes like Snapchat usernames, and if you’re an undergrad with little experience and concerned that you don’t have much to offer, worry not. Chances are, you’ve got more to show off than you think.

You’re a team player

You’re in a fraternity! That’s something you’re going to want to note loud — almost as loud as your weekly let’s-blast-our-music-at-4-p.m. sessions — and proud at the top of your achievement. Make sure your potential employer is aware that you have your priorities straight and that your Saturdays are in fact for the boys; it shows remarkable commitment. Don’t be afraid to mention personal successes either, such as being the pledge who (nearly) stole another fraternity’s missile!

You eat at all the dining halls

Companies love to see it. Embrace your love for diversity and inclusivity, and mention that you start every morning at Cafe 3, treat yourself to a GBC quesadilla and top it all off with a Clark Kerr three-bean chili. Besides, if you’re resourceful with your meal points, that’s a quality you’re going to want to market.

You have a gym membership at the RSF

Sure, we all do, but feel free to gloss over that detail. Having a gym membership despite having little to no time or energy to use it shows great ambition! Even though you know you rarely find the motivation to go, you always leave the option of going open, and that in and of itself is worthy of recognition.

You’ve explored different libraries

Moffitt holds a special place in all of our hearts, but you’ve gone above and beyond to study in East Asian Library at least one or two other times! It’s important that employers note your inclination to step outside of your comfort zone and expand your (studying) boundaries.

You can take rejection

Getting declined from every club you’ve applied to thus far has made you a pro at accepting rejection! It’s worth mentioning that you have the drive to get back up and try again in spite of your repeated failure. Nothing says persistence like going to UC Berkeley.

You have great tech skills

In this day and age, advanced technological skills are becoming increasingly valuable. You’re taking CS10 this semester, and that’s something you’re going to want to note. Okay, maybe you don’t actually know how to program, but you can make a pretty legit game of 2048, and that’s gotta count for something.

In compiling your resume, don’t shy away from some of your greatest achievements. You’ve been all the way down to Main Stacks and back, and you should feel confident embracing what you’ve learned!

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FEBRUARY 26, 2018