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Sweat your stress away with these hiking trails around Berkeley

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FEBRUARY 14, 2018

Unfortunately, midterm season is finally here, and it’s not leaving until finals — we’re praying for you. As we welcome back late-night study sessions, all-nighters, stress eating and the constant regrets of missing lecture, the Clog is here to help you stay sane during this horrific never-ending season. Taking breaks during your study sessions are extremely important — we cannot emphasize this enough! Get out and enjoy the fresh breeze of the Bay. Enjoy killer views that will remind you that there is still life outside of your textbooks. We have compiled a list of five hiking trails that you should explore to help you stay sane this season.

The Big C

Location: Berkeley

Ah, the famous Big C — literally a big yellow C on top of a hill. The Big C is a hike that we recommend that all UC Berkeley students go on! It’s a short, semi-steep hike, about 15 minutes or so, with an astonishing view of the Bay Area and Berkeley’s campus. There’s a swing on top of the hill where you can sit and appreciate the spectacular view of the Bay or take your Instagram photo (we know you want to do it)! You can reach the trailhead by going through the Foothill parking lot.

Grizzly Peak  

Location: Berkeley/Oakland

Nothing beats the view at Grizzly Peak. It’s one of our favorite gems of Berkeley! A perfect place to catch the sunrise or sunset with a breathtaking view of the city at the top! If you’re not in the mood for hiking, fear not. There are many lookout points by Grizzly Peak that are accessible by car. Enjoy the tranquility at Grizzly Peak in nature or from the comfort of your own vehicle.

Redwood Regional Park  

Location: Oakland

Sometimes — well, most of the time — Berkeley can be quite draining, as we spend 24/7 here studying. #GoBears! Get out of Berkeley and explore the trails in Oakland. Redwood Regional Park is home to a variety of trails with amazing views of Oakland. You will be surrounded by tons of beautiful redwood trees, hence the name. Let’s not forget: The park is 100 percent pet-friendly! Come out and explore the outdoors with your pooch! We promise that both of you will have a relaxing time!

Cataract Falls    

Location: Marin County

Are you looking for a waterfall siting? Then Cataract Falls is the place to be; it’s one of the best waterfalls in Marin County! Although it’s about an hour north of Berkeley, it’s definitely worth the drive, as you’ll see the beautiful sceneries of San Francisco and Marin. The 2.6-mile hike (from the roadside parking area along Fairfax-Bolinas Road) is quite moderate with slight elevations. We recommend going in the winter or after heavy rain, as the waterfall will be more magnificent!

Indian Rock Park

Location: Berkeley

Do you love climbing rocks? If yes, then Indian Rock Park is perfect for you. It’s not quite a hike, but more of a rock climbing kind of deal. Once you’ve gotten to the top of the rock, you’ll be welcomed with a stunning view of the San Francisco Bay! The park provides a picnic area where you can wind down from studying with a picnic and a killer view of the Bay.

Being in nature is a great way to spend your time away from studying. All these trails are breathtaking, so you can’t go wrong with any of them! Take your nose out of those textbooks and explore what Berkeley has to offer!

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FEBRUARY 14, 2018