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Things you can do when you're missing your mom

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JANUARY 24, 2018

First, let me start off by saying: Hey Mom! I know you’re reading this because you’ve shared nearly all of my articles on Facebook and you’re my No. 1 fan. It’s the beginning of the semester, and as exciting as that may be and as happy as I am to see all of my friends here, I miss my mom. I’m sure that many of us have had a moment when we teared up or actually cried over the fact that our mom was miles away. While we miss her cooking and having our laundry done for us, we also just miss her overall presence. Some of us have probably spent more time with our mothers than anyone else in our lives, so leaving them feels like a part of our heart is missing. There’s nothing that can really fill that space in our hearts other than our mothers themselves, but we have a few ways you can get past the “momsickness” without too much heartache or tears.

Watch “Lady Bird”

Ask anyone who’s seen “Lady Bird” how they liked it. They’ll probably light up with a smile and mention how it made them appreciate their mom more than they ever did before. “Lady Bird” is a beautiful coming-of-age movie that almost perfectly encapsulates the relationship between a mother and child when the time to go away to college comes around. It’s a relationship that is by no means perfect and is often filled with anger and misunderstandings. But in the end, just as the protagonist experiences, leaving your mom to go to college is like leaving half of yourself behind. You’ll cry, you’ll be filled with joy, and you’ll probably call your mother when you’ve finished it. In fact, you should call your mom after reading this article! Which brings me to my next point.

Call or FaceTime her more

You never need a reason to call your mother! Moms love hearing about what their babies have been doing at college and also just love giving you advice. You can definitely give up some time to the woman who gave up so much of herself for you. Just think, years ago it was much more difficult to talk to your mom whenever you wanted. Now, we really don’t have an excuse to not call our mothers to tell them we love them. And you may say that you’re just “so busy” that you “don’t have time to call your mom,” but there’s no way you’re busy during all 24 hours of the day. Rather than procrastinating on Facebook, call your mom!  

Watch a show or movie that you’d normally watch with her

Your mom probably has a show that she loves, and whether it be “Property Brothers, “Say Yes to the Dress” or “Downton Abbey,” even the mention of it reminds you of her. Chances are, she roped you into watching it with her and got you into it too. We find that watching shows that our mothers love is a way to feel less far from her. She probably wouldn’t mind you procrastinating on Netflix if you’re watching her favorite show, right?  

Go on Facebook

This one’s a little weird, but it’s a bit of a mom thing to constantly be on Facebook. Some moms like to constantly tag you in things, make you their profile picture when it’s your birthday, get in political arguments or share “NowThis” videos. So, if your mom is one of these “Facebook moms,” you really don’t need to go any farther than Facebook to get a little slice of home.

Cook/bake something she makes

Who says you can only have your mom’s cooking at home? It probably won’t be as good, but channeling your mother’s cooking skills is a great way to feel closer to her and also get a great meal out of it. Whether it be her recipe for wontons or her signature cake, there’s really no better way to be a real, functioning adult than following in your mother’s footsteps in the kitchen.

Put up a picture of the two of you

Print out a picture of you and your mom when you were a baby or even from the past break, and put it up on your wall! Pictures with the ones you love are a great way to decorate your room, so why not give your mother the spotlight she deserves?

So, the next time you miss your mom, just think about how she’ll always be cheering you on and supporting you, wherever you are. And as I said earlier, my mom is my biggest fan, and I’m also hers. Mothers have done so much for us, and without them, we probably wouldn’t be where we are today. They’re a part of us no matter what, and to even be the slightest bit like our mothers is an honor. Nothing on this list can actually take her place, but we hope that it helps with the “momsickness” during the beginning of this semester. And to all the mothers out there, we love you, and thank you for everything you’ve done for us!   

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JANUARY 24, 2018