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Quiz: How did your first week back at Berkeley go?

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JANUARY 24, 2018

Happy spring semester, Bears! Now that we’ve finished the first week of school, we can reflect on our transition from winter break hibernation to determined (or not so much) UC Berkeley student. It’s always good to check in with yourself and see if you’re set up for success, so here’s a nifty quiz to help you to answer the burning question on everyone’s mind: How did your first week go?


  1. How many units are you taking?
    1. Feels like 100
    2. Still trying to reach 13. Any recommendations for a DeCal?
    3. 15, because I’m perfect and like to challenge myself, but I still care about my mental health.
    4. Did enrollment start already?
  2. How many classes did you drop?
    1. None. Why would I do that?
    2. Only one — it had pop quizzes.
    3. I had to switch a few things around to ensure that I succeed.
    4. Where’s the drop button?
  3. Did you go out this past weekend?
    1. When is there time for that?
    2. Duh.
    3. Once or twice.
    4. As opposed to what?
  4. How much money did you spend on books?
    1. My entire college savings account.
    2. I don’t need books.
    3. My last paycheck.
    4. Books are a waste of money and time.
  5. How many people did you walk by and pretend not to see on campus last week?
    1. I don’t know anyone on campus.
    2. Two.
    3. I said hi to everyone I know!
    4. I haven’t been to campus yet.
  6. Did you buy groceries?
    1. Postmates is my best friend.
    2. Don’t grocery shop hungry, my friends.
    3. Got some right after my run.
    4. Yes, at Taco Bell.
  7. Have you made a study playlist yet?
    1. I’m using the same one I used last semester.
    2. If you mean “Did my friend make a study playlist that I will be using?” then yes.
    3. Oh yeah, she’s a keeper.
    4. Any playlist can be a study playlist.
    1. You’re really diving in this semester. The first week unloaded a lot of reading and fresh stress on your previously empty schedule. Registering for all of those classes might have seemed OK a couple months ago, but maybe take some time to reconsider how much sleep you’ll need this spring.
    2. Your first week was super chill. Obviously, going back to school wasn’t ideal, but you know how to swing it to make sure your transition to research papers is as smooth as possible. Keep up the chill vibes and the steady sleep schedule for an awesome semester.
    3. It was rough, and you’re not sure why. Don’t be too hard on yourself, though. Compared to sleeping in until noon every day over break, three or four classes can feel like a marathon. You’ve set yourself up well, and you’ll quickly get back into the swing of things.
    4. It was chill for your first week, but you should consider getting it together for the rest of the semester. It’s all fun and games until it takes you six years to graduate (if they even let you).


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JANUARY 24, 2018