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Comin' in hot! Best 5 hot chocolate spots around Berkeley

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JANUARY 17, 2018

As temperatures gradually drop, ice cream can be a little too cold for a sweet treat after dinner. We know — ice cream is the perfect treat for any occasion (except when you’re freezing your butt off in the line of Ici Ice Cream). If you’re looking for a warmer alternative to satisfy your sweet tooth, then look no further — the Clog’s got you covered. What’s more cozy than a decadent cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter night? Hint: This is a trick question — the answer is nothing. Be careful, because they’re comin’ in hot! Below is a list of some of our favorite hot chocolate spots around town. So grab your friends (or not) and check out these places for a tasty treat that doubles as a warm hug this winter.

The Chocolate Dragon Bittersweet Cafe and Bakery

Formerly known as The Bittersweet Chocolate Cafe, this little spot is located on College Avenue. Home to rich and thick European-style hot chocolate, this charming nook has a flavor that’ll satisfy everyone. We recommend the classic bittersweet hot chocolate for a rich chocolatey treat or the salted caramel hot chocolate for a sweet and caramel-y beverage. Whatever you choose, you can’t really go wrong!

Elmwood Cafe

On the corner of College Avenue and Russell Street, Elmwood Cafe has been serving yummy treats for years. One of these treats is hot chocolate, served in iconic white and yellow bowls. Topped with cold whipped cream and cocoa powder, this hot chocolate is a sweet and creamy delight.

Casa de Chocolates

If you’re looking for a Mexican-style hot chocolate, this is the place to be! Served hot or frozen, this one’s the ultimate warm and chocolatey hug you’ve been waiting for. Get your hot chocolate with chili flakes for an added layer of flavor. Don’t worry — it’s not too spicy. If this amazing drink isn’t enough for you, the store also has other tasty desserts such as chocolates, rich chocolate cake and — don’t even get us started — the tres leches cake! They don’t call this the house of chocolate for nothing, that’s for sure!

Blue’s Chocolates

Specializing in handcrafted chocolates, Blue’s Chocolates is simply a chocolate lover’s dream. Swing by for a velvety smooth cup of hot chocolate. Made to order, this beverage is full of rich molten chocolate and steamed milk for the perfect blend of flavors and texture. You’ll truly not be disappointed!

The Xocolate Bar

If you’ve ever dreamt of drinking pure chocolate, The Xocolate Bar is here to make your dreams come true. Its signature sipping chocolate is a favorite among many and tastes like a melted dark chocolate bar. Described as a heavenly experience, the sipping chocolate is a must if you’re in the area!

Calling all chocoholics and friends alike! Check out these hidden gems around town this winter and grab yourself a hot chocolate (or two) while you’re at it.

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JANUARY 16, 2018