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Quiz: Which movie best describes how your finals went?

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DECEMBER 15, 2017

You made it. Finals are over and you’ve run out of time. The professors and GSIs are grading their hearts out as we speak and have no mercy. While this can be a stressful thought, why not take a break and take your mind off of final grades? You probably studied hard enough, and if you didn’t, it’s too late now. So grab a coffee with the Clog, push away all your worries and see which movie accurately depicts your finals week.


  1. When did you start studying?
    1. I haven’t … and my finals were last week.
    2. Literally right after midterms. Can’t start too early!
    3. The middle of dead week I guess? Just when I knew I couldn’t procrastinate anymore.
    4. I don’t need to study. Studying is for the sheeps in the system.
  2. How did your classes go this semester?
    1. They were definitely going! I just didn’t.
    2. Soooooo great. I am sooooo sad that they’re over.
    3. Meh, could’ve gone better, but I didn’t fail anything.
    4. Does it even matter? College is just a waste of money. I was studying how to live my life during dead week.
  3. Why were you “dead” during dead week?
    1. Because I’m a hella frat rat. All those jungle juice hangovers, man, you know.
    2. I was never dead. RRR Week was when I was most alive.
    3. Netflix (no chill). It has so many good shows, ya know.
    4. Because I was locked in Moffitt for 10 hours every day.
  4. On average, how many times did you go to lecture this semester?
    1. Physically? Twice. Mentally? Never.
    2. Excuse me? Every day. How rude for you to think I would skip classes.
    3. Enough to pass the class.
    4. Most of the time, but I was usually surfing the web on my computer.
  5. Which of these phrases have you said most often recently?
    1. Oh shit, we had something due?!
    2. Wow, glad I got this done early.
    3. I think I failed. Oh well.
    4. I’m just going to drop out and live in (insert foreign country here).
  6. If we asked your professor (or GSI) to describe you in one word, what would they say?
    1. *exasperated sigh*
    2. FABULOUS.
    3. Who?
    4. Interesting character…
  7. Thoughts for next semester?
    1. I literally can’t even think of next semester.
    2. Super excited for all of my classes!
    3. Ready for a fresh start. I’m really going to work to boost my GPA.
    4. Bye Berkeley, I’m studying abroad!
    1. “Inception”You literally had no idea what was going on the entire time, but at least you’re finished!
    2. Any “Harry Potter” movie: Just for the sole reason that you’re Hermione Granger IRL. “You’re saying it wrong! It’s Wing-gar-dium Levi-o-sa.” So yeah, your finals went well. 500 points for you!
    3. “Frances Ha”: You barely made it through the semester, but you did it nonetheless. Time to start preparing to clean up your act for next semester (and then not follow through).
    4. “Eat, Pray, Love”: You know that the only thing that matters is finding your “true self.” Enjoy life while you can! Who cares how you did? You don’t. Time to drink a bottle of wine, do some yoga and backpack to your heart’s content.


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DECEMBER 14, 2017