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Long-distance friendships: a love story greater than 'The Notebook'

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NOVEMBER 30, 2017

While the joys of coming home are endless, one exciting event rises far above the rest: seeing our best friend. To say that our reunion is a highly anticipated event would be a gross understatement. The moon landing in ’69 and Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance in 2013 are the only other events that may equate.

The first time we see our other half after months apart transcends this dimension of time and space. Our surroundings fade away as we run in slow motion into each other’s arms and “You’ve Got a Friend In Me” plays in the background. The deafening and incoherent exclamations of joy that escape from our big mouths both confuse and concern innocent onlookers. Our hearts become dangerously close to bursting as we aggressively physically and verbally attack one another in glee.

The crazy babble that follows our initial reunion is like echolocation for dolphins. Scientists are positive that it’s some form of communication but are still unsure what exactly is being said. The way we hop from one topic to another brings about a newfound appreciation for the segue, similar to the way the deafening volume of our exchange raises an appreciation for earplugs. As we ferociously begin to make up three months’ worth of lost time, we’re reminded once again of just how kindred our spirits are. 

We at the Clog never fully understood long-distance relationships. The whole concept is a bit abstract to us, as commitment has never been our strong suit. The heartache that comes with distance and the obligation of constant contact haunt us in our sleep. These grievances aside, we somehow manage to find ourselves knees-deep in an intense long-distance relationship. Our friendship with our BFF while we’re at our respective colleges hundreds of miles apart is a greater love story than “The Notebook.” 

There’s just something about your best friend from home that’s untouchable. It may be the shared history or the fact that they’ve seen you high as a kite after you got your wisdom teeth removed. Whatever it may be, we’re thankful for best friendships.

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NOVEMBER 30, 2017