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A love letter to our dearest Bay Street

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NOVEMBER 14, 2017

Our dearest Bay Street,

How you remind us of our other life where we live in the fairytale suburbia, Emeryville. This is the other life in which we have boatloads of excess money to buy frivolous things we do not need, such as our fourth pair of slip-on Vans or a 60-dollar tie from Express. With the most remarkable of chain restaurants, including P.F. Chang’s, Rubio’s and California Pizza Kitchen, what more could we really ask for?

There’s always a reason to head on over to Bay Street. First of all, it’s a free 30-minute bus ride — one which transports you to a whole different universe. If you have enough self-restraint to not buy anything (and let’s be honest, most of us don’t), it’s a completely free day trip that brings you totally different vibes, good times and lasting memories. If you need any particular item of clothing, this quaint outdoor mall will likely have it. While Bay Street doesn’t offer an overwhelming number of shops, they truly have a variety of apparel that is sold. Whether you need a dress or suit for a date party or a two-dollar costume from Forever 21, you’ve found the right place.

Another excuse you can use to make your Emeryville excursion is if you’re buying a gift for someone — a justification that will become much more prevalent in the next month, with the rapid approach of the holiday season. With Alex and Ani, Bath & Body Works and Lush, you’re pretty set in terms of gifts for the majority of relatives in your family — all in one convenient place. But again, any gift for anyone is possible in this magical few blocks of pure happiness.

Our lovely Bay Street is the escape from the Berkeley bubble that many of us need, and it is closer than Oakland — and definitely more local than San Francisco. It’s the perfect outdoor mall in the perfect location. Have you ever heard anyone say anything even remotely bad about Bay Street? No. Boom. Enough said.

If, for some reason or another, you’re not as in love with Bay Street as we at the Clog are, we have three more words for you: Ikea. Target. Barnes & Noble. Okay, so that’s technically more than three, but that’s not important. What is important is the fact that you could stay on Bay Street for the rest of your life and remain content — always. Although you won’t get the friendly “Hell yeah!” of the man on Telegraph Avenue or the seemingly constant ambulance sirens, you’ll experience a form of heaven in terms of shopping, eating and making memories with your best pals. All of our love to you, almighty Bay Street.


Your Not-S0-Secret Admirer (the Clog)

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NOVEMBER 13, 2017