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Disney songs that sum up life at UC Berkeley

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NOVEMBER 06, 2017

From first grade to middle school angst to attending UC Berkeley, there is one group of people who has always had your back. Who, you ask? Well, Disney, of course. Even now, they understand your struggles, hopes and dreams. Not so sure? Check out this playlist of Disney songs that describes the major moments of your UC Berkeley career. In honor of the announcement of the new “Lion King” cast, featuring none other than Beyoncé, we at the Clog decided to create a Disney playlist of other amazing Disney songs that are extremely relatable to your experience as a UC Berkeley student.

“How Far I’ll Go”

When you’ve been waiting for that decision letter forever and you finally get into UC Berkeley. All your dreams are coming true and you’ll make it all the way to that horizon. You can do anything! Goodbye high school acne and uniforms, you got into UC Berkeley!

“I’ve Got a Dream”

You have the perfect image of what college life will be like: parties, friends, flirting, food, etc. Pay no attention to the obstacles of class, grades, internships, and debt. You can still do anything.

“Strangers Like Me”

When you walk around campus for an entire day and don’t see a single person you know because this school is huge. Everyone is dressed in Cal gear, so they must go here, but the sleep deprivation makes them somewhat less relatable. Who are these people?

“Friend Like Me”

The first time you offer to bribe your GSI for that A, or more realistically, just a passing grade. You’ll try everything, even leading with “I’ve got a powerful urge to help you out.” After all your offers of granting wishes and singing like Robin Williams, they’ll have to say yes. Right?

“Fixer Upper”

When you realize Berkeley goggles are real and lowering standards may be in your future. That guy in class might not be comparable to Zac Efron, but he’s smart and he smiled at you that one time, so it could happen! He just needs a little bit of fashion advice and then your mom will really love him.

“I Won’t Say (I’m in Love)”

When you realize that no one is trying to date you, but then you catch feels for your Friday night hook up. You have to keep things casual because feelings are scary and we don’t want to freak anybody out. Channel your inner Meg and ride that denial all the way to winter break.

“Part of Your World”

When you’re stuck inside because you have two midterms and a paper due tomorrow, but you know someone, somewhere is having a good time. If a wine bag is slapped, but you aren’t there to hear it, does it still make a sound?

“A Whole New World”

When you finish finals and you’re finally able to go outside. The trees are greener, the sun is warmer and the air is fresher. It’s to bright you can barely handle natural sunlight instead of the fluorescent lighting of the library, but it seems like a “dazzling place (you) never knew.” How long were you inside for?

“Under the Sea”

Sebastian really says it all in this amazing serenade. The song serves as the perfect reminder that not only is UC Berkeley a truly magical place, it’s also a wonderful bubble to protect us from all the scary things that are adult life and the real world! So enjoy it while you’re here, before you have to grow legs and marry Prince Eric.

“Dig a Little Deeper”

When your at your wits end and it doesn’t seem like there is anyway to pass your classes, but then you realize how awesome you are. You just dig a little deeper and push through the semester, because if we have learned anything from Disney, it’s that you can accomplish your dreams!

There you have it, a killer musical compilation of songs that remind us of life at UC Berkeley. Because no matter how old you are or where you live, Disney songs will always be relatable.

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NOVEMBER 06, 2017