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What your flannel-wearing method says about you

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Joshua Jordan/Staff


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OCTOBER 17, 2017

It’s officially fall season, which means it’s time to consume everything pumpkin, listen to plenty of Bon Iver and, of course, break out those flannels that have been collecting lint in your closet for a few months. With one of our favorite style trends back in season, we at the Clog evaluated the most common ways that UC Berkeley students rock their flannels, and what it says about them.

Wrapped around the waist

You’re probably the kind of person that likes to plan ahead while being in style. Sure your buddies might think that you dress like a dad when you’re hanging out with them on a sunny afternoon, but by the time you head out to dinner and they start complaining that it’s “getting kid of chilly” in just a T-shirt, you’re ahead of the game. Whatever the situation, there’s no way you’ll subject yourself to the slightest inconvenience. After all, you gotta sport that sick band tee in its full glory.

Joshua Jordan/Staff
Joshua Jordan/Staff

Unbuttoned over a T-shirt

You’re pretty casual, but you at least appear to have it together. You’re the kind of person whose apartment or dorm is probably littered in empty beer bottles and pizza boxes, but you still care about looking fresh when you go out — even if you just got out of bed 15 minutes ago. Despite your slacker personality, your easygoingness convinces people that you’re a total stud. We’re also willing to bet that you’re participating in “No Shave November” next month.

Joshua Jordan/Staff
Joshua Jordan/Staff

Mostly buttoned

You make first impressions count. It’s important to you that your life is in order and you can prove it to others when you need to. That internship you scored over the summer? Sure you probably had a nice resume, but that button game was what sealed the deal. It’s key that you leave the top buttoned, however, just to show that you can be loose and flexible as well. You don’t want to be the person that wears it …

Joshua Jordan/Staff
Joshua Jordan/Staff

All the way buttoned

You may want to consider loosening up a bit in ways beyond your buttoning methods. You don’t like having loose ends in your life to the point where it’s more painful to tighten things up than it is to just let go. You probably say “no” too often when people ask you if you want to go out, and when they do manage to coax you out you’re already considering plans to go home within five minutes of leaving your dorm. Leave that top button open, at the very least so you can breathe normally (although given the recent air quality conditions, you might not be able to do that no matter how your flannel is buttoned).

Joshua Jordan/Staff
Joshua Jordan/Staff

However you choose to rock your flannel this fall, just make sure that you rock it with confidence.

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OCTOBER 16, 2017