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The perfect fall day at home

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OCTOBER 16, 2017

It’s a Sunday morning, and all you want to do is stay in your toasty bed with the sheets pulled up to your cheeks. The air is getting colder and crisper, and you can almost hear it blow through your cracked window.

  1. The perfect fall day in almost always has an early wake-up time that will have you feeling energetic and productive (even if you don’t really do anything productive) the whole day.
  1. There’s no need to change. Stay in your pajamas the whole day and throw on a sweater to keep some of that bedtime heat in. It is a perfect fall day in, after all.
  1. Make yourself a nice cup of anything hot. Coffee is perfect for that toasty fragrance to waft through your kitchen and tea is perfect to sooth your insides. Drink your coffee or tea back in bed.
  1. Let yourself think about what you need to think about during this time. Acknowledge what’s been hard, appreciate what’s been good.
  1. Make some banana bread. It takes an hour, but will leave your whole apartment smelling like fall. Here’s one of our recipes from earlier this fall!
  1. While you wait for the bread, turn on some of your favorite music and do something for yourself, but stay off technology. Try reading, journaling, or drawing.
  1. Share the banana bread with your roommates and just hang out.
  1. It sounds silly, but do some arts and crafts. Go to Daiso or the crafts store and pick up some paper, glue, and markers. Check Pinterest and make Halloween decorations and get psyched for holiday decorations.
  1. Make a healthy dinner for yourself and friends. Sit around the table, and if you don’t have one, sit on the floor. Make do with what you’ve got. Sometimes, the inconvenient can turn into the best memories.
  1. FaceTime your parents or loved ones! Say hello and catch up with what’s going on with them.

It all sounds very ideal, I know. School is catching up to us now, but when you have an opportunity to embrace a free day, don’t let it go to waste. If you can’t do all of these things, just try a couple. Take care of yourselves Bears!

Contact Chelsea Song at [email protected].

OCTOBER 15, 2017