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Best places on campus to put googly eyes

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OCTOBER 13, 2017

Googly eyes are a cheap and simple way to make things look silly. It only takes a few seconds to glue them on, but they can cause joy for all that notice depending on where you put them. The UC Berkeley campus is filled with opportunities to stick on some googly eyes. Here are a few of our favorites to get you started.

Mark Twain

The Mark Twain statue inside of Doe Library is an easy choice for googly eyes. Bringing some life to his cold metal eyes is sure to draw some attention.

Above light switches

Gluing eyes above light switches makes it look like you’re tickling the light’s nose when you turn it on and off, which is exactly the type of silliness googly eyes try to achieve.

Next to steam grates

Personifying the steam grate gives the illusion that the it’s a mouth with smoke pouring out, which is fitting for the Berkeley community.

The tiniest Campanile bell

Googly eyes would look most adorable on the bell that makes the softest, high pitched sound.

Coffee lids

Every time you take a sip it will feel like you’re having an intimate moment with your morning beverage as your eyes meet only inches apart.

Back of squirrel heads

Those squirrels can’t give everyone their attention all the time, but with a pair of googly eyes you can still feel appreciated by a squirrel while it ignores you for someone with a bag of trail mix.

Exam you failed

Nothing can lighten up the mood like some googly eyes, and you probably need a pick-me-up after getting your test back. As long as you don’t let the eyes turn cold and judgmental, they should provide some relief.

There really aren’t many things you can put googly eyes on that won’t give them improvements. Sometimes we all just need to laugh at some well-placed googly eyes, and we find it more and more necessary as we dive deeper into midterm season.

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OCTOBER 12, 2017