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A tribute to nap pods

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OCTOBER 03, 2017

From our beloved (and somewhat creepy?) mascot to our unrivaled meme page, we Golden Bears have got plenty to be proud of, and we know it.

Yet, while we unfailingly offer these gems the honor and attention they deserve, perhaps the most underappreciated campus staples are our endlessly supportive and most self-sacrificing nap pods. Well, dearest nap pods — the forgotten child of our campus — this one’s for you.

Where do we begin? Nap pods, never before have we felt so wanted.

At Moffitt, students fight to the death for a meager study space, like they’re staging a screening for the fifth “Hunger Games.” It’s easy to feel so unimportant when it seems as though this treasured library caters to every student’s need except our own. But not you, nap pods. You don’t let us feel any less valued. Okay, not that you’re always so attainable either, but even when you beckon us toward the empty space beside you …  somehow, sleeping on a hardwood floor never sounded so good.

In part that’s because, sweet nap pods, you show us that you care. You look out for our mental health, reminding us to stop, drop and break before we over-fry our brain. Even more so, you love us unconditionally, at our best and at our very worst — during the infernal peak of our dreaded dead week.

And no number of miles can get between us. Long-distance is no curb for you, because you don’t care how far we live from campus. Whether we reside in student housing or apartments so far away that we have to use our Clipper Cards, you’re always there, waiting to greet us with open arms and soft, cushiony leather seats.

You’ll never ask us to change, either. That’s because you don’t judge, loyal nap pods. You say nothing about the extra pounds we’ve put on since we started camping out on the fourth floor of Moffitt. You accept us anyway.

And it doesn’t even matter that we go home to another bed every night. You’re just not that trivial. You trust us, nap pods, and that goes a long way.

There’s just no denying it. We don’t know where we’d be without you, and we just had to let you know how much you mean to us.


Your worn-out, burnt-out, UC Berkeley student

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OCTOBER 02, 2017