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21 thoughts you have while waiting in line for Mezzo

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SEPTEMBER 21, 2017

If you’ve strolled down Telegraph Avenue lately, you’ve probably noticed a large crowd of people near Haste Street. This gathering is due to one of Berkeley’s newest additions: Mezzo, or formerly, Cafe Intermezzo. The café has recently completed rebuilding and renovations after a large fire which severely damaged the entire building. Now that it’s back, it’s better than ever, and it’s causing lines for days. Whether you’re considering checking it out or you’ve already experienced the endless line, here are a few thoughts you may have while solitarily standing on the sidewalk waiting for your Mezzo salad:

  1. What is that vacant lot across the street? And how is it always graffitied even though the entire thing is fenced off?
  2. How much do those apartments above Mezzo cost?
  3. Did the guy in front of me just fart?
  4. Why do we say Wednesday “Wensday”?
  5. Bieber? Beiber? Beeber?
  6. I wonder if this place has rats.
  7. I should really get an internship this semester.
  8. *scratches head* Do I have lice?
  9. I wonder if the barista will be hot.
  10. Is a male barista a barist?
  11. Am I locking my knees?
  12. I’m going to stop pretending I have any texts right now.
  13. Ugh, why do people take so long to order? It’s not that hard. “I want salad.” “Cool, $10.” That’s it!
  14. This is taking forever. I basically live here now.
  15. Why am I standing so weird?
  16. I’m glad I’m going to fail my midterms because I chose to feed myself instead of starve to death while studying.
  17. Was “Dunkirk” just Christopher Nolan supporting Britain pulling out of the European Union?
  18. Should I make a movie?
  19. Can I see my nose all the time?
  20. Should I just go to La Burrita?
  21. Oh! The lines moving! One step closer to victory.

Long story short, the line might take awhile, but the food is delicious. Check it out for yourself and see what life-altering thoughts you have!

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SEPTEMBER 20, 2017