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Power ranking: Best views around the Bay Area

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SEPTEMBER 11, 2017

So, you’re looking for the perfect thing to post on the ‘gram this upcoming weekend, but you’re lacking in material. You haven’t seen a nice view — except the Big C — since freshman year. And you want to get out and about and get some easy exercise, but let’s be real, you’re not looking to break a sweat to garner some cool points (aka social media likes). Well, look no further, because we at the Clog are all too familiar with these millennial-only problems too. We’ll be ranking the best viewpoints in the Bay Area according to three criteria: Instagram-ability, easiness of the journey to said viewpoint and wind conditions. So, without further ado, here’s our power ranking of the best viewpoints in the Bay.

Twin Peaks

Instagram-ability: 5/5. If you’ve never seen a photo of the view from Twin Peaks, Google it (or look it up on Instagram) right now. Your life will be changed. But, guess what? So will your Instagram game if you post a photo from here. You can get a view of nearly the entirety of San Francisco from the top of one of the peaks, including the Financial District, AT&T Park and even the Golden Gate Bridge — as long as our friend Karl the Fog isn’t in your way.

Easiness: 2/5. Twin Peaks is not an easy walk. Rather, it’s more like trying to climb up the side of a skyscraper – unless you Uber. But don’t you want the bragging rights of having actually hiked up to the top?

Wind conditions: 1/5. Once you reach the top of Twin Peaks, you might want to hold onto someone (or several people), because if you don’t, chances are the wind up there will blow you straight down the hill.

Total: 9/15.

Grizzly Peak

Instagram-ability: 3/5. As long as skies are clear, you’ll see views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Berkeley and Oakland, and get a great photo in the process. But watch out, if there’s even a glimpse of cloudiness, chances are you won’t see anything.

Easiness: 1/5. If you don’t have a car, you might just be out of luck. In order to reach the top of the peak, you need to drive up a long and winding road, so this isn’t your run-of-the-mill hike. Make sure you’re used to driving up very steep hills before you take a crack at it. We at the Clog don’t want to be responsible when you accidentally drive off the side of a mountain.

Wind conditions: 3/5. Not too bad. You’ll survive.

Total: 7/15.

Dolores Park

Instagram-ability: 4/5. In addition to the great view you get of San Francisco, Dolores Park is a beautiful space on its own — a perfect place for an Instagram of any sort. You’re going to need to find a spot where giant trees aren’t blocking your camera when searching for the best photo-op spot, but if you can’t find it, people-watching is probably your next-best option.

Easiness: 4/5. Even if you have to walk uphill to get to Dolores Park, it’s nothing in comparison to some other legitimate hikes in the Bay Area. Minimal effort for a one of the best views in the Bay Area is what we at the Clog are all about.

Wind conditions: 4/5. It can be a little windy up there depending on the weather and season, but it’s nothing that’ll sweep you off your feet (literally).

Total: 12/15

Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve

Instagram-ability: 5/5. Although it’s not the easiest hike, the views you get when you reach the top of Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve are beyond rewarding. And, as long as it’s clear, you’ll have an Instagram post like no other. Expect panoramic views from San Francisco to Oakland.

Easiness. 1/5. Be warned when we say this trail is steep — there’s even a warning sign along the trails to let you know that you’ll basically be walking straight up into the sky if you attempt to reach the top of the path.

Wind condition: 3/5. You’re pretty high up, but you’ll never experience anything relatively close to a Twin-Peaks-esque wind.

Total: 9/5.

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SEPTEMBER 10, 2017