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Fourth of July pick-up lines

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JULY 04, 2017

It’s the Fourth of July, and for us college students, you know what that means: American flags, T-Swift wannabes by the dozens and cold ones, cold ones and more cold ones (the boys may or may not be present).

With all of this boozin’ and USA-in’, a chap can start feeling pretty saucy and, may we even say, ready to rumble. But who wants to throw down actual game on the Fourth of July? We at the Clog say nay to productivity and choose to divulge our love for the ridiculous. So without further ado, we at the Clog crafted some superpower pick up lines for this Independence Day.

The lines 

  1. Baby you’re a firework, you really light up my night sky.
  2. It’s big. Like my signature. @JohnHanCock
  3. You red, white and blew me away.
  4. Are you a loyalist, because you’re really making me rethink this whole independence thing.
  5. Hey (girl/boy), do you ever get told you look like the Constitution? ‘Cause you’re a national treasure.
  6. I’d battle at Yorktown for your digits.
  7. If you go out with me, I’ll be like Paul Revere yelling, “I got a date.”
  8. Tell me, does the carpet match the powered wig?
  9. No need to wait for the succession, you’re first in line for me.
  10. You’re the Liberty Bell of the ball.
  11. Wanna be my mate? You don’t need to do any running.
  12. I’m like the Vietnam War, way longer than you’d thought I’d be. @LBJ
  13. Let’s heat up this Cold War? @JFK
  14. The Gettysburg Address was short, but I know something that isn’t. @Abethebabe
  15. You trickled down into my heart. @Reagan
  16. You have the right to be bare in my arms. 😉
  17. Let’s be like the original 13 colonies and multiply.
  18. You make me sparkle.
  19. Thank God there’s freedom of religion because I worship you.
  20. I didn’t vote for Trump.

Whether you quote one of the greats or spew a more original love constitution, we at the Clog are sure your love life will light up the night sky today.

Peace, love, Clog, Fourth of July.

Nichole Bloom is the blog editor. Contact Nichole Bloom at [email protected].

JULY 04, 2017