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11 places to kiss on National Kissing Day: Berkeley edition

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JUNE 23, 2017

If you’re a lost soul wondering how to spice up National Kissing Day, you’re in luck. We at the Clog have crafted up a campus kissing guide, Berkeley edition. Make sure to share a kiss with that special someone this June 23, and enjoy the 11th annual National Kissing Day!

Allen Ginsberg Poetry Garden

Enjoy this peaceful poetry garden with that someone special. Combining poetry and kissing is the definition of romance. 

Berkeley Farmers’ Market

You can get yourself some fruit, nursery plants and honey, all while celebrating National Kissing Day.

Almare Gelato

It’s no secret that Italian gelato and smooching go together pretty well. Make sure to get the dulce de leche or the pear and anise – 10 out of 10 would recommend.

Main Stacks

Making out in Main Stacks is a must-do before graduating. There’s something oddly enticing about kissing in a place where most people are busy studying and doing problem sets.

The Faculty Club

The Faculty Club at UC Berkeley is technically only for faculty, but if you can get into this quiet gem of a building, it’s worth it.

Berkeley Rose Garden

It’s considered one of the best rose gardens in Northern California, and what says romance better than roses?

Lawrence Hall of Science

The Lawrence Hall of Science has an insane view of the San Francisco Bay and is pretty quiet, which meets the criteria for a quality make-out spot.

Rialto Cinemas in Elmwood

Celebrate June 23 by catching a show under some romantic mood lighting.

Thornburg Village

Thornburg Village is a picturesque, European-style village located off Spruce Street. It’s a beautiful Berkeley landmark that’ll remind you of a storybook romantic setting.

Ippuku Japanese bar

Get hammered and make out at this aesthetically appealing place (only if you’re over 21, of course).

155 Dwinelle

Just about everyone has had a class in this lecture hall. Why not make out there instead of listening to a lecture for once?

Well, there you have it, Bears! We at the Clog hope you have a great National Kissing Day. Be sure to make the most of it.

Peace, love, Clog, make out!

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JUNE 23, 2017